Oh My Word....Where Have I Been???

I can't believe it has been a few years since I have updated my blog.  Such a bad blogger!  With three little boys at home, running a business & all of the things that come with the every day life of a stay at home mom...something had to give.  While I adored by blog, I had to prioritize everything on my plate. I had to let something go.  After praying about it, I decided to let the blog rest for at bit.  But by doing this, I found my passion...my calling really.  I gave 100% to my business that I co-owned with my BFF, Mel.  In the years that have past, we rebranded our business and launched our own website! I am so very proud of The Vintage Honey Shop...

And since I have not updated y'all on a family photo...here were are in 2015:

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Barbados {Saturday-Monday}

It has been over a year & a half since we went to Barbados....and I just realized that I never finished the rest of my blog journal of our trip.  I am a horrible blogger!!!

I am going to have to share some photos & videos because I have shamefully forgotten all of the details.  Isn't that sad???  Next time I go on a trip, I need to blog as I go!  Or jot down some things in a journal so that I can write down the detail.  You say that you will never forget...but you do.  At least I do!

Here are the last few days of our trip via Instagram & YouTube:



I know that this is a super boring post, but I wanted to at least add the pics & videos before I forgot again!

Vote for my Shop, please!

The shop that I co-own with my BFF, The Vintage Honey Shop is pleased to be a nominee in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards!  Our shop is competing for votes from the public to become the 2013 Audience Choice Winner!  If we win, we would receive $10,000 to go towards growing our business & a trip to NYC to attend the American Made Talks & Workshops!!

Martha Stewart - American Made 2013 - Nominee Badge

This would be HUGE for us!!  We would be honored if you would take the time to VOTE for us!  Your may vote for us everyday, six times a day from 8/26-9/13.  During this period of time, you would be voting for us to become a finalist in our division: Craft.  If we become a finalist, then y'all can vote for us to become the big American Made Winner!!!

Also, for every vote you place for us, you get entered in to weekly drawing for a signed book by Martha Stewart, American Express gift cards & many other cool prizes!!  So really, the more you vote you increase both of our chances for winning!! Win-win if you ask us!! ;)

Voting is easy....

1. Click HERE to go to our profile page
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3. Come back every day to enter...6x every day! ;)
4. Spread the word for us by sharing our profile page with your friends & family on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email or possibly even hiring an airplane to write it in the sky! ;)

{screen shot of our profile page}

Rosette Ruffle Cuffs

I wanted to share with you some of new things that I have been making in my {shop}!  I have been obsessed with making this new design I came up with!  Rosette Ruffle Cuffs!  Perfect for every day wear or on a special occasion like a wedding or prom! 

I wanted to share with you what I have been up to as of late!

And I also came up with a design that has a simple elegance to it, without the ruffle...

I am in LOVE with these bracelets!!!  Tell me what you think!!!!

To see them in my shop, click HERE


Long time no post, right!!

I wanted to stop by my oh-so-neglected blog to let y'all know about the giveaway going on at our shop!  One of our sponsors is giving away a really awesome girls necklace & headband set!  You will want to check it out & enter for sure!!  Head to my shop's blog HERE to enter!!!

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