Giving It a Try!

We are giving two things a try, one for each of our boys.

Jaden: Jaden has pretty much been off dairy for almost a week now. We have seen better eye contact & we notice that when he does have dairy, his eye contact isn't as good & he is more wild :) He is on soy milk (which is actually prefers to cow milk!), soy pudding, & rice cheese. He has been on a gluten free diet this week, 75% of the time. We are still trying to wean him off gluten (wheat). It was so overwhelming at first, but I found a ton of stuff at Kroger, Trader Joe's & Whole Foods. I have not yet found nuggies that are g-free (the breading on the nuggies). If anyone knows where I can find some, let me know!

Jaxon:Tonight is night one of trying to get him out of our bed. I took down the pack-n-play (he hated it & it ended up being a huge laundry basket for us!) and replaced it with a tiny, toddler sized air mattress. I feel that it would be easier to transition him the this than the PNP. When he fell asleep & I tried putting him in the PNP, the dropping feeling woke him up. I am hoping that putting the air mattress (it is Thomas the Train), he will not feel that dropping feeling.

Wish us luck with both!!!!


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