I took a pilates class tonight with my BFF Missy.

Ummm...yeah, I don't think I will be taking that class anymore!

The class was so boring. I don't know how many times I yawned. I was either yawning or giggling with Missy. We were in the back of the class. On one side of me was my giggling buddy, Missy, and the other side of me was a contortionist, she was able to contort her body in ways that I don't think ANYONE should be able to move! Then next to the contortionist was this older guy who kept breathing very heavy. He has headphones on, so I don't think he knew how loud he was breathing, it was on a verge of a grunt. Everytime I hear that, "Ughhh" I slipped out a giggle.

I really liked the yoga class. I think I will keep going to that one. My favorite & most effective class so far is the water aerobics class. I think I will keep that my main class.


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