Sorry for the lack of posts. But I am sure that you understand. It has been super hard on us. Joe has never been this sick. Jaxon was perfect, but would wake up & cry all night. Broke my heart!!! Jaden has not showed any signs of being sick! Yea!! I am doing OK. My glands are swollen in my neck & my throat hurts. I had a slight fever yesterday, so I decided to take the Tamiflu my doctor prescribed me. I called him & asked him for some Zofran to help with the nausea. That helps a lot.

Joe went back to work today. We did some homeschooling, cleaned up...pretty normal day!

I am extra, extra tired today. Don't know if it is pregnancy related, sickness related or medication side effect related!

Oh, guess what, in one week from tomorrow, it will be my "12" week appointment (I think I will be more like 11 weeks)!!!! Yea!!!! Getting close to


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