Prayers Needed!!!

Joe is a middle school assistant principal. There have been kids at his school throwing up & have been diagnosed with H1N1!! When he told me that, we treated him like he was carrying the plague! I made him take his shoes off in the garage, go straight to the shower, kids are not allowed to touch him until he is cleaned up.

So then last night (while me in bed), he starts hacking away. I decide to get up & sleep on the couch, more because I can't sleep with him hacking away!

He came home early today from school. He is super sick, has a fever of 102.4, still coughing, has the chills, ect. I read up on H1N1...sounds like he has it. First thing in the morning, I am sending him off to the DR to get tested. If he comes back positive, I need to call my OB to see if I need to get on preventative meds!

Since last night I have not had any physical contact with him (Just slept next to him..I didn't even kiss him last night because I was scared he was a carrier!) I have him locked up in our room. I am throwing bottles of gaterade thru the entrence of our door. I made him dinner, but took a few steps...tossed it on the bed & booked it out of there!

Jaden & I have Lysoled every thing that he could have touched in the house!! I have sanitized every nook & cranny of out home!

I hope that the boys and myself do not get this!!!!!!!


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