Checking Things Off!

I created a pretty long list of things I needed to do, buy & pack for our upcoming trip to Ohio.

This morning, I took Jaxon to his 15mo check up. I was so upset about how much he weighed. Only 17lbs 12oz!!!! For goodness sakes, he is 15mo & his carseat is still rear facing! When the nurse left the room, I started crying. Why won't this kid gain weight???? I had to pull myself together. I didn't want the doctor to see me so upset, so I started reminding myself of the reasons why he is so skinny: He just got over a bad virus where he hardly ate for days, Joe was/is skinny (genetics), he did gain 6oz (big deal, I know!) so he is gaining, and he has always been skinny since birth! My doctor said that he is not worried about Jaxon. He said that there is no medical reason why he is so skinny other than genetics & a picky eater! He is developing just fine & meeting all of his milestones. He does want us to see a nutritionist to see if they have any suggestions on how to get Jaxon to gain weight. Other than that he is going great! He is in the 25th% for his height (if you consider that is is not even on the chart for his weight, he is porportioned tall & skinny for his frame!). He head is in the 60th%!!!! I have a skinny, tall, big headed child!!!!! Thank God he is overly cute to make up for his disporportioned body! LOL!!!!

After the DR, we went to Sonic for lunch & got the oil changed on the car. Then we went to Old Navy & a whole bunch of kid stores to look for some new shirts for Jaden. I picked up a few things for the rest of us too! ;) Then went to pick up a card at Joe's sister's house. Then went to Target to pick up some odds & ends (and snacks!!) for our trip! I got all my bills paid, so I don't have to deal with any of that while we are gone. Washed all the clothes & packed all of our clothes. Stopped our mail. Watered the grass & flowers. Oh, and I just downloaded Michael Jackson's Greatest hits. I was planning on doing this before he died. Joe & I love his music. I thought it would make great traveling music. I also downloaded "Rascal Flatt's" newest CD!!! Yea!!! I am burning them now as I type!

Tomorrow I have to clean up the house, go to the Library, clean out the car, gas the car up, pack up the car & finish up anything else I forgot to do!

Can't wait to come home!!!!

Day After Birthday

So....Michael Jackson died on my birthday......

Last night I had a great night! I went out with Missy for my brithday. We went out to my favorite steak place, then went to the musical!! If "Legally Blond the Musical" comes your way, GO SEE IT!!! Grab your girlfriends & see it!! So, so, so cute & funny!! I had a smile on my face the whole time!

I have a sore on the inside of my lip. The other day when Joe gave me the camera, I was so excited. I was chewing my food really fast & accidentally bit the inside of my lip. My two teeth went thru the inner part. OMG, is it sore now! I have two sores that are painfully horrible! My mouth is so swollen now. I am doing everything that i can to heal it. This happens a lot to me & I know only time will heal it. I just hope that it is healed by next week for when we go to Ohio!

Jaxon's Dr called me & we talked on the phone. Jaxon's doctor is great. There has been times when he has called in perscriptions for us. He calls us back himself. He will tell us if we really need to come in or not. So anyway, he called me & we discussed Jaxon. More than likely he does have Roseola. This morning, he woke up with more spots. Poor guy!!!

My Birthday!

So today is my 31st Birthday!!! Yea for me....I am getting older! Ha Ha!!!

Seriously, I don't mind being in my thirties! I don't feel 31 & I don't look 31 (at least that is what everyone tells me!), so it doesn't bother me! I don't for one second wish I was younger. I like where I am in my life. I feel more confidant in myself. I like who I am & I love being a mother to my kids. This is the best years of my life! I am living them now!!!!

So every year that my birthday rolls around, I get nervous. Every since I turned 18, something bad has happened on my birthday or really close to my birthday, making it a horrible day for me. Last year was the only year something bad did not happen (except Missy was really sick at my birthday party, but that is mild in comparison to what normally happens!). I am hoping that the "curse" is over. In years past: My sister got in a horrible car accident, I have had three friends die either on or around my birthday, my dog Gracie was dying on my birthday then died a few days later, ect. Not happy birthday, for sure! Pretty much every year on my birthday, I was in tears. Wait, last year I was in tears, but that was only because I saw a pic of myself & couldn't believe how big I was (granted I just had Jaxon 8 weeks earlier!!!).

This year, I did shed a quick tear. It looks like Jaxon has roseola!!!!! He has been sick with a fever for three days. His fever is gone, now he has a rash all over his body!!!! I put a call into the dr. I am waiting for them to call me back. I texted Missy (an RN) and my mom & mother-in-law (also an RN). All three of them said "Roseola"!!!! I hope that the dr says that I don't have to come in. I don't want to pay my $25 co-pay. He has his 15 appt on Monday. That would be $50 in less than a week!!! I am pretty sure that if they tell me to come in, I won't. Jaxon seems fine now. If need be, I will go to the walk in clinic that Joe's school owns. We go for free. No co-pays, nothing. It is run by Vanderbilt. It is just down the street. I really don't want to take him in though. I am weary about taking him to places other than his DR. because of the fear we will get someone who will give us a hard time because we chose not to vaccinate Jaxon. So I hope that this will not be something that Jaxon has to be seen for.

I am really excited about tonight! Missy is taking me out for dinner & to a musical!!! We are seeing, "Legally Blond the Musical"!!!! Doesn't that sound fun???? It will be nice to go out with Missy. We don't get the chance to go out by ourselves. We sometimes go out with our friends together, but never just the two of us with no kids!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!

I will be in Ohio in 6 days!!!! Yea!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing friends, family & Lake Erie (yes, I know it is gross sometimes, but when you are away from the lake, you realize what a beauty it really is!!)!!!

Making Blog Private

I have decided to make my blog private! Not for my friends or family, just from strangers! I was able to look at the IP address of who is viewing my blog. I saw some really strange places & and started to feel uncomfortable about weirdos reading my thoughts.

I am a pretty open person, sometimes too trusting. So if you want to read my blog, email me or message me on facebook. I will add you!!


Huffy-Puffy Librarians!!

Today I went to the Library. I had some books to return, a fine to pay (whoops!! I keep the lights on at library with all my fines!!!) and renew a book. Jaden got to pick out 6 books because he got either all green or yellow lights. He got one red light. For every green & yellow light he gets for behavior he gets to get a book to borrow from the library. If he gets a red light for the day, that is one less book he can check out. If he gets 7 green/yellow lights, he gets 7 books & 1 movie from Redbox.

I checked out the new Nicolas Sparks book, "Lucky One"! I can't wait to read it, but I need to finish my other book I renewed. When I checked out, I told the librarian that I needed to renew a book. She looked at me like I was crazy, "Renew"? I was like, " that OK"? She let out a puff of irritation and said, "I'll see..." and started typing in her computer. I guess it was OK, because she gave the book back to me.

The Librarians at my library act really stuffy. If you ask for anything, they act like you are asking for the impossible. Once I requested a book to be put on hold for me. They only had one copy of it there, but it was LARGE print. I couldn't get past how big the font was. I would feel like I was reading one of Jaden's books. The librarian was like, "we have it in large print, can't you check that one out"? I replied, "I wanted to keep it there for someone who needs large print" (If I checked out a large print, it would be like parking in a handicapped spot!). She huffed & requested my book.

Well, a few days later I got a call that my "book"was in. When I went to go get it, it was actually a book on CD. I told them I wanted the book, not the CD's. Again, I got a huff. Then the librarian snapped at me, "We don't have this book, I will have to request it from another library, is that what you want"? "Yes, that would be awesome" I said with a smile! What is wrong with these ladies!!!!

Am I on some sort of black list because of all my late book returns??? I am almost positive that I am on a wanted poster on the back of their desk!!! You would think that is true by the way they treat me!

Picasa Attempt

Three Rambles

*I love my camera!! I just wish I knew how to use it! LOL!! I feel like I am holding this piece of power in my hands, not knowing how to activate it. I guess it is kinda like the gifts of the Spirit that God gives us. There are gifts already inside of us that we either do not know how to use, activate or may even care that He has given you! I tend to forget my gift of faith & trust when times get tough. Anyway, back to the camera. I can use the preset, automatic settings no problem. I didn't buy the camera for those. I wanted the camera for all of the manual settings. I am just not sure of what all the numbers mean & how to put them in combination to get great photos! Anyone know of any good online tutorials on how to use DSLR's?

*Has anyone seen my make-up bag? It has been MIA for three days now. Joe & I have been looking for it. I have cleaned the house top to bottom & it is missing! I used it Friday evening in my house. I know it is here (at least I think it still is!). The only possible answer is that Jaxon threw it away (he likes the trash can now) and Joe took our trash to the dump. Or Buzzy hit it under my bed (along with a whole slew of things!). I looked as good as I could under the bed, but I need Jaden (and a BIG trash bag) to go under the bed to pull things out for me (I am too big!). I almost didn't go to church because I couldn't find it! But I felt so guilty about not going. I thought, "Am I that vain that I won't go to church just because I can't find my make-up? There are people all over the world who would love to have the freedom to worship God. They are jailed or killed for thier faith (china, sudan)". So I went! This is the first time in my whole life I went to church (or in a major public place, that is!) without make up!!! This was HUGE for me! This beauty don't come naturally my friends!!!! I am holding off until I HAVE to buy some new make-up in hopes that I find it. Until then my family will have to live with my inner beauty! LOL!

*Today I came across my wedding video. I popped it in when Joe went to the grocery store. Jaden LOVED watching it! I started to cry when Joe took my arm at the alter. Jaden saw me crying, "Don't be sad! Stop crying, your only getting married!" I teared up again when we lit the untiy candle & heard our wedding song, "I will be Here" by Steven Curtis Chapman. Then I totally lost it (and I mean LOST it...whailing!) when I watched Joe sing to me. Jaden was so upset that I was crying. He was running around, covering his ears, telling me that I was breaking his rules of not crying. I couldn't help it, I hadn't watched that video in nearly ten years! Man, I am so super emotional lately! I have been so sentimental lately! I stated bawling my eyes out at church when the pastor prayed for all of the fathers. I started thinking about how great of a Dad Joe is to our boys. I must be experiencing some sort of crazy PMS!



I can't believe it!!!

Joe surprised me with an early birthday gift! The Canon T1i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a feeling he was getting it for me (no one can totally surprise me...I am so sleuthy) yesterday by a few clues that I put together. Anyway, I *thought* that I might get it for my birthday on Thursday, but Joe totally caught me off guard by giving it to me today!!

I, I bawled my eyes out! This has been something I have wanted for years & years...and my dream of owning a D-SLR camera was coming true!!!

I haven't had a chance to really play with it yet. I took a few shots this evening but Jaxon has been a bit fussy, so as soon as he drifts off (too bad Benadryl doesnt' work on him, lol) I am going to start exploring it!!!

I LOVE YOU JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talent Show

Yesterday Jaden put on a "talent show". It really wasn't a "talent" show (he must have heard that term from TV), but more of a play. He has been working on it since yesterday.

He made us tickets (only me & Joe....babies are free & don't need Jaxon & I went to the first showing (Joe was mowing the lawn). He made a ticket counter where he took our tickets. He made signs telling us what show we were going to see. It was super cute! He then took us to our seats on the floor of Jaxon's room. He then started flicking the lights on & off, "And now....the show begins"!!!! Very dramatic! LOL!!!! The show was about a storm trooper who destroyed a town, then sherriff (from cars) took the storm trooper to jail and the town was saved. At the end of the show, he did a song & dance routine. His song was called, "Zig-Zag". It was the only word he sang! LOL!! I was very proud of him!!

Jaxon has some new talents!!! He can climb up on the couch, as long as someone is sitting there to pull up on. He looks super proud of this new accomplishment! Also, the other day I had Jaxon upstairs. I didn't put the baby gate up at the top of the stairs, but I did shut and locked his door. Jaxon's room connects to our office. I was in the office with Joe, and Jaden & Jaxon were playing in Jaxon's room. It got quiet. I look to see that the door is opened!!!! OMG!!!!!! I run to the stairs to see Jaxon "walking" down the stairs!! He made it down seven steps!!! He was holding onto the side of the wall. I was shocked that he could do this, terrifided by what could have happened, angry at myself for trusting that Jaden wouldn't have opened the door and happy that he was alright. I ran down the stairs & scooped him up. I was in tears. My arms & legs felt like limp noodles. Jaxon was smiling the whole time, proud of what he was doing!!

I hate my stairs!!!!


Over the past few days we have had some pretty bad thunderstorms. In fact, we have had some tornado watches & warnings!

Yesterday, there was a nasty looking storm. Joe opened up the door to look at it & I could hear the wind blowing really hard. It was super errie to hear! This morning, we got a thunderstorm, without the rain. It actually knocked out our electricity.

Right now there are tornado warnings near me. It looks yellowish-green outside It doesn't seem like a super bad storm, but you never know! I am so over these storms!!!!

Discouraged to Encouraged

Today was a really emotional day for me. I woke up feeling great. I had this strong feeling that today was going to be a great day.

I took Jaden to his swimming lesson this morning. He is in the class with seven other kids his age. He was in his own little world. The class was doing one thing, he was doing another. It is like he didn't hear anything that the instructor was saying. He seemed really overstimulated by the whole experience. It is times like this when I notice that he is different. He is with me all day long so his autism is our normal. When I compared him to his peers, I saw how different that his is. This made me so sad. I cried all the way home, all the way to & from speech therapy & a little at home. I was in this, "why Jaden" mood. Why can't he be normal. Then I cried even harder from the guilt of those thoughts. I know that Jaden was "perfectly & wonderfully made". I felt like I was being ungrateful for the gift that God has given me. I asked God for a baby. He gave me a wonderful gift: Jaden. Who am I to "complain" that it isn't what I thought was "perfect". Now, please do not misinturrpet my words. Jaden is the BEST thing that has ever happen to me. He has taught me so much & inspires me to be the best that I can be as a person & mother.

Every parent wants their child to be "normal", excel in everything that they put their hands to, have things come easy to them, be popular, to have empethy, kindness & a loving heart. I saw what other kids his age were able to do & how they acted...and it made me sad for what Jaden didn't have. No one wants their kids to lack anything. Today reminded me of the day I found out Jaden was autistic. I mourned for him. I mourned for all of things I had planned out for him. Mourned the life I though he would have.

After swimming lessons, we had speech therapy. Joe watched Jaxon, so I could go in with Jaden to his therapy (normally I just sit in the waiting room with Jaxon). Jaden had a rough day. 98% of the time Jaden earns a "treasure" for being a good listener. Today, his ST would speak to him, but it was like there was this wall that the words bounced off of....never quite making it to his ears. This is how it is for us lately. We can say, "Jaden shut the door", like ten times in a row. It is like he is deaf. Then we have to yell at him, "Jaden shut the door"!!!!! Then he looks up at us like this is the first time he heard us!

So today was a breaking point for me. I felt like Satan was attacking us. Yesterday we went to a a time of prayer at our church. We prayed for Jaden. I felt encouraged that God was going to heal Jaden. Then today happened. I felt discouraged.

I had to take a moment to breath. I had to a step back & logically think this through.


Discouragement is not from it has to be from Satan. Satan only speaks lies. So the thoughts, "Jaden is slipping further away from us", "He will never get better" and "Jaden will never live a normal life" were all lies. God speaks encouragement and only the truth! So that means, "Jaden WILL not slip away"!!!!! "Jaden WILL get better"!!!!!! "Jaden WILL live a normal life!!!!

Then I took that discouragment I felt & used it for good. I started thinking about all the ways that I can reach him. Ways to help Jaden. I went to Target & bought some supplies to make some visualization charts for him (Jaden is very visually stimulated, so I made some visual ques for him to help him understand) and a digital kitchen timer (because he is motivated by time limits). I will post pics soon of the charts I made.

So my pity party is over (I get these every so often). I am taking the discouragement and making it a spring board to encouragement.

Baby Shower

Yesterday I co-threw a baby shower for my friend, Pauline. She is due in about 4 weeks, but at the look at her belly, I think she will go early!

The shower went really well. It was laid back & lots of fun! It was nice to get together with all the girls again! I miss hanging out with all us girls! We use to get together once a week, but now, this is the first time we have all gotten together since Christmas!!!

Dream Shopping

Today I got up before Jaden & Joe. Jaxon actually woke me up, so I scooped him out of his bed and we went out into the living room before we could wake up Joe.

I don't know what inspired me, but I got in a cleaning mood! I super cleaned the kitchen, dining room, bath room and the living room. I reorganized Jaxon's toy basket in our living room. It was overflowing of toys that he never played with. I took out all of the "baby" toys and put them into his bins upstairs in his room. Now he has more age appropriate toys to play with now.

Yesterday I went to Lowe's to buy some flowers to plant in some lil pots I got for a baby shower I am helping throw for my friend. While I was there, I went dream shopping. It was just me & Jaxon, so I didn't have to worry about Jaden running around or Joe getting bored. I found some new fixtures for the bathroom. I HATE my bathroom fixtures! When we built our house, we got the fixtures that came with our package. They are super plain, stainless steel fixtures that look like they are from the early 90's. I found some nice blackish/brown fixtures that would look so nice in our house. And new lighting. Right now, our lighting looks like "hollywood lights". I also want to get rid of my kitchen fauset & replace it with a nicer one that would match the bathroom fixtures. I also found a beautiful wrought iron chandalier for our dining room. We have a nice brushed nickle one, but it is not the look that I am going for in our house. For the kitchen, in addition to a new fauset (which we actually need, the one we have is on the fritz), I want to put up a backsplash & add pulls/knobs to my cabinets. And as long as I am dreaming here....change my lighting fixture in the kitchen & add hardwood floors to the whole first floor (except bathroom...ceramic tileing would do there)!

Side Note: Uh-Oh....Jaxon learned how to flush the toilet!!!!!!

I love my house. I love that it is new & how we have it decorated. There are some fine tuning stuff that I would like to change, but over all I am happy with my home. I like my neighbors, but do not like my neighborhood. I hate that I live on a busy street (which was NOT in the plan when we built our home! We had no idea that our home in the woods would turn into a massive subdivison that cut down every tree possible & made out street a thru street so that everyone could speed down, making it dangerous for kids to play outside!). I hate it that from my back yard, I can see the backyards to nearly seven homes! Our next house (which will not be for a LONG time), I want a BIG backyard that backs up to the woods. I want my home to be on a quiet street, where EVERYONE is obsessesd with their lawn as much as we are.

And those are my dream home wishes!!!!

Loving Photoshop!

I am so loving photoshop! I knew that I would, I just didn't know "how" to love it!! I am taking some cool tutorials that I found online on a photography website. Today I learned how to make a vignettes around photos. I also downloaded some new fonts & made a new logo. I think I like "Jenna Gilkes Photography" better. I may change it back to "Jennifer". Nothing serious, just playing around!! :)

The original is on top, the photoshoped one is on the bottom!

Fancy Hair

Little Joe.

Yes, it looks like I have another Joe on my hands! Jaden is acting just like his Daddy when it comes to doing his hair! My husband takes FOREVER to do his hair & get ready in the mornings. He has this long checklist of things to do get ready.

Today, Jaden did the same.

He was in front of the mirror (forever, I might add!), brushing his hair so that it looked "Fancy"! I was curious to see what "Fancy" looked like! He kept picking at his hair, brushing it just so....gelling it down in just the right places! LOL! Joe was like, "Jaden, your hair looks fine"!!! I was like, "Joe, this is EXACTLY how you are! Your hair looks fine, the same as it did 15 minutes ago, but in your mind it isn't perfect"!!! Joe booted him out of the bathroom (too much mirror competition I think! LOL!!!!) and sent him to his bathroom, where Jaden put the finishing touches on his hair!

The first picture is of Jaden doing his hair & the second is his "Fancy Hair"....just in case you didn't know what "Fancy Hair" looked like!

Playing Around on Photoshop

The Original Above...nothing done to it

Edit after Picasa Above

Original Image retouched by Photoshop Above.

My Geico Money

Here is the Geico money that I made this afternoon! I am pretty happy with how it turned out!

Water up my nose!

Tonight I did my water work out class. Man, she worked us HARD!!! I better have lost 10lbs tonight!!!! While in the water, I got a huge gush of water up my nose. It went up my nose & down my throat! It burned so bad, I could barely stand it! I hope that never happens again!

Today at 10am, I remembered that Jaden had speech therapy at 10:30! My hair was a total mess from swimming the day before (didn't do anything to it after swimming.....attractive, I know, lol!), my teeth weren't brushed, Jaden was still in PJ's....we were a mess! I don't know how I did it, but we got ready in 15 minutes & made it to therapy on time...well, we were 3 min late, but basically on time! Joe watched Jaxon for me, so I only had to deal with Jaden.

When I got home, we switched kids. Joe watched Jaden, while I took Jaxon with me to Michael's to buy googly eyes for Joe (he is doing a Geico spoof for his next video) and to Kroger to pick up a few groceries.

Now I am sitting outside on my patio. The kids are playing in the back yard & Joe is watering the plants........this is the life!!!!

UPDATE: I found my lenses & they are NOT compatable with the DSLR camera I want. Oh well....:(


On Saturday morning, we headed off two hours south of us to the Chattanooga/Chickamaugua area. On our way down, we stopped off at my FAVORITE rest stop in the world. (see the pic of me in the blue shirt!) It is so beautiful! When we got to Chickamaugua, we checked into our hotel. We quickly got dressed for the wedding, because we only had 30 min till it started! We then got into our car and followed the directions that Google commanded us to go. We kept on driving & driving....where in the world was that place!?!? So we turned around and looked for the street we needed to turn down. Joe was getting really mad because at this point we were almost late! We get to the street right in front of our hotel....and see the street we needed to turn down! It was right in front of our hotel!!! The wedding was literally in walking distance!!! We got there just in time, the groomsman were walking down the aisle. The wedding was a short & sweet (just the way I like 'em....mine was horrifyingly long...over an hour....I was even bored at my wedding!!), and outdoor. The ceremony was like 15 minutes. The reception was directly after the wedding. We walked to the hall, that was across from the gazebo. Within 30 minutes, the bride & groom cut the cake & did the toast. We were done! After the wedding, we went to the old mill that the wedding was at & took some pictures of our family.

It was 3:30 & we had the rest of the night with nothing to do! I forgot the laptop at home so I was not able to research things to do that evening, so we relied on a "Things to do in Chattanooga" brochure that I got in the lobby of the hotel. We found an "amusement park" only a few miles away. It was actually more like an over-glorified fair. They had two roller coasters, a power tower & spinny rides. They also had a ton of kiddie rides. Jaden barely made the 48" cut off (we put his tennis shoes on!). Every ride that required the 48", they pulled him aside to check him. He made it on every ride. When we go to Cedar Point, I am going to go to the office to have his height officially checked. I read that they can put an arm band on so that the attendants don't have to keep checking him. Anyway, Jaden really liked the rides. The ones that got his stomach, he looked really, really scared. There was this covered wagon ride that he got on that really got our stomachs. His eyes welled up with tears. I kept asking him if he was OK. He was really quiet. When the ride was over, he looked at me and yelled, "That was totally AWESOME"!!!!!!!! LOL!!! He did the same exact thing when he rode the roller coaster. He was such a brave boy!

On Sunday, we took another impromptu trip to the Chickamaugua Civil War Battlefield. It was so cool to look at all the artifacts that they had in the museum. I love history museums! It felt errie to be on the grounds were so many men had died. Another thing that was cool was that I was touring the grounds with my husband, whom I would have not been able to even marry if this war hadn't been fought. I was very appreciative to be reeping the benefits of victory of the war(BTW the Chickamaugua Battle was actually a confederate win). I got some great pics there.

Afterwards, we headed off to Jaden's big surprise...the train station!!! Jaden absolutely loved that! In fact, we all loved it! It was a great experience! We learned so much, had fun & took some amazing photos! We took the train to this turn table where we saw how they turned a train around. In the train-car we rode in there, there was the word "White" on the wall. I was thinking that they must have the train-cars color coded, so I looked the next train car & it said, "Colored"!!! I couldn't believe it! I mean I have seen pictures & videos of segregated signs, but never with my own eyes. I read this sign that was on the train-car that said that the train was segregated until the train retired! We have come such a long way!!!! So on our way back, we went into the "Colored" train-car. I wanted to be fair & I really wanted to sit in it to honor to all of the people who were treated horribly.

Next time we go to Chattanooga, we are defiantly going to go back to the train station. I felt like we stepped back in time. Plus, it was so cool to see Jaden so excited! In the winter, they do a "Polar Express" ride! That would be awesome!

So on our way back home, Joe decided to take me the back way to our house (this was after we picked up Buzzie from Joe's sister's house). We stopped off at the Stone River Battlefield. I felt so foolish that I had no idea that there was Civil War battlefield practically down the street from me!!!! There was a graveyard that had over 10,000 tombstones from men who died in the Stone River battle! There are also battle fields that you can visit that have the cannons. Also, there is a visitor center where they have people dress up in costumes from the 1800's! We went to the cemetery, but I was the only one who got out. We had Buzzie, so we couldn't all walk around or go inside the museum. I want to go this week. I just can't believe that this was in my backyard! I have lived here for 5 years......

We did so much in 24 hours!!!! We had so much fun & we made memories that we will never forget!!!!

Mini-Vacation Ahead!

This weekend we are going to a wedding in the Chattanooga, TN area. The wedding & hotel is actually in GA, but in the outskirts of Chattanooga. Isn't that a cool word to say? Chattanooga. It is fun to say over & over!

We were just going to drive there & back, but decided to make it a family weekend. We are going to take a train ride while we are there. Jaden will LOVE that! We are not telling him about it until we get there! He will be so stoked!!!

The past few days have been busy. Joe is so goal oriented, that since he has been home, we have to "accomplish" things to make the day worthwhile. The past few days have been filled with cleaning the house top to bottom, yard work, gardening and cleaning/washing the cars. We have done some fun things though to reward all of our hard work :Going to the Y, renting some movies, having people over.

Last night, my niece stayed the night for a "Sleepover". It was so much fun! Jaden absolutely adores her! They played well & were both well behaved. Just as I put them to bed (both had to sleep on the bottom bunk together!), a thunder storm came. Every time it thundered, I could hear them jump out of bed & run to the window. :) I overheard a cute conversation about angels. It got brought on by how angels are bowling in heaven, that is what the thunder is. Anyway, Kiana asked if there were angels in Jaden's room looking at them. Jaden told her that they were "invisable" and "they are not in my room , silly, they live up in the clouds"! They both stated laughing!

Yesterday morning, I took an H2O cardio class. It was kinda weak. I would think with the word, "cardio" it would be hard. I was the youngest in the class, lol :) I worked out really hard in the water on my own, so I did get a good work out. I am sore this morning. After the class, Joe brought the kids to go swimming. Missy & the kids also came. It was fun to see them all swimming. Jaxon LOVES the water. He acted like he wanted us to let him go. He is a water bug!

OH! I signed Jaden up for swimming lessons! He starts in 2 weeks! He was so excited when I told him! He can go under water, he just doesn't know what to do with his arms & legs. I hope that he will learn how to swim before we go to Ohio. Joe's parents have a pool & it would be awesome if Jaden could swim solo without us holding him or him hanging onto a fun noodle! I will let y'all know how it goes!!

48 1/4 Inches!!!!

We found the perfect shoe!!! Jaden loves them (he says they make him run super fast!), Joe likes the ascetics of them & I like that boosted his height to 48 1/3 inches!!!!!!!!!!

When we got home, Jaden put his shoes on & we measured him up against the wall. When he looked at the mark on the wall, he started jumping up & down and yelled, "Horray for Ohio"!!! So cute!!! We then went to & looked at all the roller coaster videos! Fun!

Oh my goodness, it is so stinking HOT!!! This is the one thing (the only thing) I hate about living in TN. I hate the heat. I like it warm, but when it gets above 85, I get cranky! Tonight at my swim class, I am going to so enjoy getting into the nice cool water. I am trying to get Joe to take the class with me. He has always said now when I ask, but today he just asked me what time it started. That is the best answer that I have gotten so far! I will let you know if he goes!!

Monday Rambles

I have some down time right now. Joe is taking a much needed nap. He was up at 5:30am working on the lawn. He was digging up some ground, planting some patch master, trimming the bushes & mowed the back yard (waited till 9am). By the time he was finished, it was 85 degrees already!

We are going to head out to Opry Mills Mall in a little bit to go find some shoes for Jaden. We went to Kohls y'day, but we could not agree on any shoes. I found some shoes that Jaden LOVED by Sketchers & that I liked because they had a good size sole to them. But Joe hated them because they were ugly. Granted, he was right (in normal circumstances, I wouldn't have even let Jaden try them on, but my greed for height was influencing my decision!), there were horrifying ugly!!! I hope that we will find a shoe that marrys my need for height, Jaden's comfort & Joe's fashion needs :)

The internet was down today for an hour. You would have thought the world ended! LOL! Just kidding, but it did irritate me! I called Comcast & they said that there was an outage in my area.

I packed a lunch for Jaxon for when we go to the mall. I spent forever looking all over my house to find a cooler to keep his lunch cool. Then I remembered that his diaper bag has a insulated section where i can keep stuff cold! I have never used it before! Yea!

Yesterday Joe got a CD player for his car. For ten years since we got the Civic, we have said that we would get one, but never did. Joe bought it with his birthday money he got this year. He was so happy to get it! Poor guy was listening to a radio that worked only half of the time! He totally deserves that thing! He works so hard :) Oh, did I mention that Joe is on summer break now? Yep, I get him for 6 weeks! :)

While we were at Best Buy having the CD player installed, I was playing around with the Canon T1i :) Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They guy that was helping me was so cool. He actually didn't even know that they had the camera. He had to pull it out of the box & set it up just for me to play with it. They just got it in & didn't have the display set up yet. I was the first one to put my hands on it :) One SUPER cool thing that I learned was that I can use my old lenses from my old SLR camera!!!! Any lens from Canon that was made after 1980 is compatable with the newer D-SLR's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have three lenses that my grandfather gave me! I have a wide angle, telephoto & a regular old one (not sure what it is called)! I am so happy. I need to pull them out the garage (and praying that they all still work!) and take them to Best Buy. They guy told me that I could bring them in & test them on the T1i to see if they work!

Well, the CD that I was burning for Joe just popped out of the CD burner, so I guess that means that I am off to the mall!