If I ever do dishes by hand...

I will do them in style! Haha!!

Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I HATE to do dishes. I avoid washing dishes out by hand like the plague! If all the dirty dishes do not make it into the dishwasher the first round, they have to wait till the next round! I only wash dishes out by hand if I run out of dishwasher detergent (those are sad, sad days) or if I have a pot that can't possibly fit in the dishwasher.

So why I made a dishmat is beyond me! LOL!! Maybe it will inspire me to do more dishes by hand. What ever reason I made this, I think that I am actually looking forward to using this mat. Hey...if I gotta do dishes...why not do 'em style!!

If you want to make your own dish mat, it is super easy! I was inspired by the blog by Noodlehead. If you want to make one, check here for a tutorial (and other cute sewing tutorials!)!


MisCdaisy said...

very cute!!!

Destiny said...

hahaha...so funny! I am the same way about dishes...I mean EXACTLY the same! I always have dishes in my sink:0) It would definitley take something beautiful like that dish mat to get me near them too...super cute! I'll add this to my create list:0)
and thank you for the sweet comments! and your boys OMGoodness!!!! so stinkin CAAAute! we can take over the world with all these cute boys...lol

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