Ugh....what a crazy few days!!

Jaxon was suppose to get tubes put in his ears on Thursday. We were all ready. Our oldest, Jaden stayed the night with his grandparents, I got myself emotionally ready for putting him under anesthesia, had his bag packed for the next day, had my directions on how to get the to surgery center ready, ordered a pizza for him to eat as his "last meal", Joe took the day off of work to be there and we prayed over him as we put him to bed.

Well, while watching American Idol (Crystal should have won) I started feeling really sick. By 10:30ish I started throwing up.....and it did not stop till I was in the ER the next day for dehydration!! With it coming out both ends (TMI...sorry!!) every 10-15 minutes and breastfeeding my 9 week old, there was nothing left!! Not only was I sick, but Joe got sick too!! Joe is convinced that we got food poisoning (the pizza) but I think it was a virus 'cause Jaxon never got sick and a few days ago Jaden had a stomach bug that made him throw up a few times & Jaxon had diarrhea. It did not effect them like it did did it ever get us! We were puking in pure!

While I was throwing up I kept thinking that maybe this was God's way from keeping us getting tubes put in his ears that day. By 4am I told God, "Ok...I get can call this all off now...I won't be taking him in today!" But I think God must of had other plans? I don't know about you, but when I am really sick like that I start thinking, "What did I do? Am I being punished someway? What sin did I commit"? I of course start asking God for forgiveness for every lil thing that I have ever done wrong. "God please forgive me for speeding....(puke)...and forgive me for telling Jaden that if he did not clip his toe nails that he was going to grow hoofs then turn into a deer...(puke)"!!

Of course God does not give us food poisoning/viruses for sins that have been committed...but when you are at that point you don't want to take any chances!!


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