Boo Hoo

I have been working on some new boo-boo packs. I am calling them Boo-Hoo's! Aren't they adorable?!?!?!?! They are my first two proto-types. I think they are cute, but not 100% happy. I want to change a lot to them. Kinda combine the two together to make one mega-owl :) I just could not wait to show them to you!!!

Introducing Simply Jenna's Boo-Hoo's!!!!!!

I am thinking about selling them on do you think? What would you pay for a boo-boo rice pack?

I know they are FAR from perfect. These two are the first owl shaped....actually any shape other than a square...that I have ever made!


Rebecca said...

They are adorable!! I love them both, my favorite one is the blue one! Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Kristin said...

They're cute! I'd like the blue one with the green one's eyes. :)

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Oh. My. Goodness. The blue one is SO ADORABLE.

Sarah C. said...

These are too cute! Thanks for sharing. You inspired some friends and I to make little owls for our kids. I shared mine here with a link to this post.

Jenna said... awesome!!! I need to make some more of these! Right after I made these, my baby got really sick (pertussis & meningitis)...I kinda forgot about these! I am so flattered that I actually inspired someone!!

JLP07 said...

Here is a link to the one that I created. Thank you for the inspiration!

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