...I will be having a BABY!!!!! That is if things do not change from today to tomorrow!! I am being induced at 6:30am on Thursday. As long as I do not go into labor on my own today, my baby boy will be born on March 25th! Only two days from Jaxon's B-Day!!!

I have an appointment this morning. We will see how it goes. I was contracting ALOT last night (almost went to the hosptial). So, there could be the *slight* possibility that I could be dilating more & she may send me to the hospital today...but I hope that I can hold off till tomorrow. My BFF had to make a trip to Ohio. She is driving back today. I really want her there with me :)

So.....this will be my last blog post as a mother of two boys!!!! I will update you on the birth of Jett!!!

Flip Cam Case

We recently just got a new Flip Cam! I really wanted one so that we could record Jett's birth (don't worry...won't be showing THAT kinda of and his life (along with the rest of the boys!). We have a video camera, but Joe is suppose to be in charge of that aspect of their lives. I take the pics, he takes the video. 7 years later, we have no video of our kids (unless I take video clips of our kids on my digital camera). I don't want to pull out the video camera out of the case & do not feel like buying tapes & then trying to figure out how to upload it to the computer.

So....when the Flip Camera came out, it was PERFECT for me (umm...I mean, us.)!!! I can keep it in my purse, record video right onto the 12omin built in hard drive & then flip out the USB port & plug it right into the laptop (or computer!).
The camera came with a super plain, super ugly, super thin case. I decided that it was just not cute enough, so I decided to make a new drawstring case! I figured it out myself (maybe I should have googled a tutorial on how....sure would have cut down on some time!).

Forgive the cell phone pic quality. I have my camera packed for the hospital. I had only enough energy to sew this case, not walk across the room & get the camera out of the, I am THAT lazy!!!

Still Cooking!!

Yes....I am STILL pregnant!!

Not sure how...but I am! I have been walking around at 4cm for 4 days now! I was in labor with both boys at 3cm!! I do not know why I am not in labor now!!! I know that God's timing is perfect, but I feel like a lil kid who is dying to open the gifts under the tree on Christmas!

I am starting to feel better. I am still congested, but overall, I am feeling so much better than I was last week. I was so sick on Wednesday, I ended up going to the hospital. Feeling soooooo much better. Joe started feeling sick a few days ago, but is on the mend as well. Maybe Jett is waiting for all of us to start feeling better!

If I do not have Jett on my own, I am being induced on Thursday morning. So at worst case scenario, I will be holding my baby boy in like 3 days! I can't wait!!!


I need your prayers!!

I am dealing with a HORRIBLE cold!!! I have not been this sick in a long, long time! What is worse is that I will be having this baby soon!! I can NOT be sick while in labor & I REALLY want to be able to smell Jett's sweet baby head!! Right now, I can barely breath, let alone smell anything!

I will be having Jett in 0-10 days from now! If I do not go into labor on my own, I will be induced on the 25th! I hope to go into labor ASAP so that Jett & Jaxon will have some time between birthdays. Jaxon's is on the 27th!! But before I can have this baby I need to get better!!

I swear my body is refusing to go into labor until I am better! This happened with Jaxon. I actually was in labor with him, then I started feeling sick. I found out that I had gotten food poisoning (went to Subway earlier that day). My labor stalled for 12 hours!!! Water broken, no contractions!! I ended up being induced & ended up with an epidural instead of the natural birth I dreamed of. It all worked out though. I REALLY loved that epidural. From the time I got it, I went from 5-10cm in 30 minutes!! Thank GOD I had that epidural in place!!! I pushed Jaxon out pain free! It was WONDERFUL!!!!

I am soooooooooooooo getting an epidural ASAP....if I could get one now, I would! LOL!!

I hope that my next blog entry is of me announcing Jett Joseph's birth story!!!!

Remember, say a lil (make that a BIG one) prayer for me!!!!

Buy it!

Get off my blog & go buy the new Danny Gokey CD!!!

I downloaded it & made a copy for my house & car (soon-to-be-min-van)!!! Love, love, love it!!

Danny is my new Clay!! Sorry have been replaced....the tribe has spoken!!!

Updates :)

Boy, have I been slacking!! Yikes!!

I just looked back at the last time I updated ya! Sorry about that!

I do have a good excuse...don't I? ;)

First, I am ALMOST 37 weeks pregnant!!! Yea!!! I have had some bumps in the road, but overall, this has been a super good pregnancy! I am the least miserable of all my pregnancies. I am really tired, but feel pretty good! At my last appointment (36 weeks), I had no changes. Still 2c & 50% effaced. I did lose a pound...woohoo!! I have no idea how that happened, but I guess that when you are close to having a baby, you will start to lose weight. Hmmm.....If I try to keep this baby in me till 40 weeks, I could lose a few more pounds....and get back to what they actually "recommend" for pregnancy (I can't help that I am an overachiever & want to!

We found a mini-van!!!!!! Yeah!!! We got an awesome price, a better van than we thought we would & a GREAT interest rate!!!! The only catch is that it was not at the dealer we went to, it was at another Phoenix!!!! So it is suppose to be here no later than 21 days. I guess it is worth it for the perfect van! It is a like a race what will get here first: Jett or the van?

I had my diaper shower on Friday. Let me tell you....Missy did AWESOME!!!!!! I am so proud of her...she has been so crafty lately. She handmade almost everything! Here are a few pics:

I got the diaper bag that I was DYING to have, a Vera Bradley bag!!!

My friend, Jen, made this cake! She is a baker....didn't she do awesome?!?!?!

The table setting:

Missy made the CUTEST favor bags:

A diaper cake centerpiece:

The gift table, I got more gifts than this, I just took a pic before all gifts got here! Look at that AMAZING diaper cake:

Look at that diaper wreath!!!! When Jett arrives, she is going to make a sign of all his birth stats & hang this on the door at the hospital!!

Thank you Missy for a WONDERFUL, PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL shower!!!!!

35 Week Update

I forgot to update y'all on the pregnancy this week!

At my 35 week appt, I was 2cm & 50% effaced!!

I am shocked...well, kind of! Shocked that I am progressing this fast so soon, not shocked that there were some changes because I had been contracting a lot. I have been losing pieces of my mucas plug daily.

A few days ago, I had some really bad contractions. They were about 4 min apart for over an hour. I got up & decided to flat iron my hair. If I was going into labor, I was NOT going in looking the way I did! LOL! Luckily they stopped, but I bet when I have my next appointment this week, I will have progressed even more!


My head is spinning!!!

We sold our Civic this weekend. Not only did we sell it, but we sold it within an hour of listing the car & for exactly what we asked for! I put the car up for sale & within 30 seconds of listing it on craigslist, we got our first call! Then a call every minute there after! Joe had to turn off his phone! 5 people wanted to see it that evening & the first person who met him at Walgreens bought it! We had NO idea that it would sell THAT fast!!! Praise God!!!! That was easy!!!

What has no been so easy has been finding a mini-van. We want an exact kind of mini-van for a certain amount. Finding both of those things has not been an easy match. We did find one, but it is out of state & it would need to be shipped to us (actually the dealer). It would be expensive & take up to 21 days to get to us, but we think it might be worth it if it is exactly what we want. We got pre-approved at the dealer, but wanted to shop around for a better rate.

I have been all over the place today. First our credit union to open up an account with them. I meant to do this a while back, but never got around to it. I also talked to them about a loan, but I could not get the term & rate I wanted. That is OK, it wasn't a total waste. We now are on the Christmas Club program where they take out a lil out of Joe's paycheck for Christmas. That will be awesome to have them save for us! I am also having them take out money to save for Joe & mine's 15 year anniversary trip. We never went on a honeymoon, so we are going to live it up for our 15th!!! We are keeping our destination a secret for now...but we will be renewing out vow at this special location!!

Anyway, back to the car...rather, mini-van!! I then went to our local bank who is having a car loan special. I did not get the rate I was hoping for, but the lady helping me mentioned something about how if the car is a newer car, then she could ask for special approval from her district manager to extend the term. She was really nice about it. She too is pregnant with a baby boy & we were talking pregnancy. I don't think she would have went the extra mile if it weren't for our common bond of pregnancy. Anyway, we got approved for a great term & rate!! We will be saving $27/mo!! I am really, really happy about this!!

Now, all we have to do is order our car. We will probably do this today. I hope that everything works out & that by the time we get to the dealer, the van will not be sold. If so, we are back to square one!

God is in control! He knows what is best! I would like to have my van now...more like 9mo ago, but if I have to wait up to 21 days, then so be it. There is probably a reason for it! Maybe God wants Joe & I to spend more time in the car together! (we are an one car family right now till we get our van!!) Pray that they can get this van to us sooner! 21 days is the worst case scenario.

I think it will be a race....will we get our baby boy or mini-van first!!! I am hoping the mini-van wins!!! I would love to bring Jett home in it!!