Jett's Baby Dedication Photos

We dedicated our baby, Jett, to the Lord on April 18th at our church. We really have already done this, but we wanted to do this officially before our family & church.

I have always known that my babies are not "mine", but God's. He gave them to us to raise as strong men of God. It was our promise, dedication, to the Lord to raise them in His ways.

This is THE greatest thing that we will ever do here on earth.

Laptop Out

So our laptop is out of commission for a while. I half the keys on the keyboard are not working. We need to order a new keyboard. I can surf the internet, just unable to type things out on it. There is a backdoor way of typing by using the tablet function (the laptop is actual a toshiba can write on the screen with a special pen), but it takes too long & is super irritating.

Soooo....if I want to blog, I gotta do so on my iTouch or walk ALL the way upstairs & use the main computer! That is where I am now. Jett is on my lap. Jaxon is right behind me playing with some matchbox cars & Jaden and Joe are downstairs watching the draft. I think it is a football draft, but I am not sure. I do not follow sports THAT closely! :)

It has been raining all day. I am kinda glad that it is raining. First, it saves us from having to water the grass. Secondly, it is washing away all that nasty pollen that has plagued us for months. Thirdly, I just like the sound of the rain. It is very relaxing. BUT as much as I love the rain today, I feel really bad for all the marathon runners today. My friend ran the half marathon (God bless her heart...I can barely make it down to the mailbox!). It has been POURING! I am dying to hear about how that went!!

I gave Jett another bath today. Normally he loves his bath, but he screamed the entire time. Oh well...he smells awfully scrumptious!! Poor Jett has newborn rash. He has really bad all over his face. Of all places to get a rash, he gets it on he face! He is so cute, but I do not want to take him into public in fear that people will just see the rash & not how cute he really is!

Yesterday I took Jaxon to his 2 year old physical. That went really well, but he was sick too. I took Jaxon into a walk-in clinic a few days ago. He had an ear infection. Well, 2 days later what was once a minor ear infection in one ear turned into a severe infection in both ears! This has been his 4-5th ear infection in like 6 months, so Dr.H had to give him an antibiotic shot & prescribe him a new antibiotic 'cause the one he was on was not strong enough. Also, he is being sent to an ENT to talk about getting tubes in his ear. Dr.H said that he will most certainly have to get tubes put in. As much as I do not want my baby to go under anesthesia, I know that it is the right thing to do. His hearing & well being is what is most important right now. The benefit outweighs the risk right now.

Well, I better jump off the computer. Will update when I can :)

Going to try to upload a video from my Flip...Jett was 2 weeks old in this video...Jaxon two years old :)


Put a Leash on that Child!!!

I did it.

I broke down.

I bought a leash.....for my toddler.

Never thought I would do that...but it was absolutely necessary!

Yesterday I got the kids out of the van (btw...I am so loving my mini-van!!!). I had my hands full (a newborn baby in a carseat & diaper bag). Jaden was "holding" Jaxon's hand. Jaxon broke free and ran across the parking lot.

My heart stopped.

I knew then & there we HAD to buy a toddler leash.
Actually, it is not all that bad. My sister recommended the Eddie Bauer 3in1 Harness at Target. It is a cute-trendy backpack where I can put in some diapers, wipes & snacks in it. There is a part on the inside where there is a dry-erase board where the kids can draw on in while in the car. And of course attached to the back is the leash part.

When we got home, I tried it on him. He looked so proud. Jaden loved it. He "walked" his brother around the backyard! LOL!

I think this will be a life-saver for me!

Maternity Leave Over

Jaden got to take some "maternity leave" from homeschooling! We only took a few weeks off, I was going to take longer, but I felt back to normal after 2 weeks. He was NOT happy about that! LOL!! Oh well...he had gotten to take a few days off this week because he got sick. Got that nasty allergy thing that everyone is getting. Took him to the dr this morning 'cause he sounded so horrible. Glad it was just allergies & not a virus. I would have freaked if it was a virus 'cause of the baby!

Jaden's grandparents (Joe's parents) are driving down from Ohio to see the new baby. So of course, we will not have school those few days.

Sooo....maybe he is getting that "maternity leave" after all! ;)

{Car Seat Strap Cover & Pillow }

I have been wanting to make some Carseat strap covers since I got my sewing machine, but have just not have enough time to work on them! I got reinspired by a great blog by Noodlehead. I took the old ones that I bought for Jaxon when he was a baby & used them as a pattern. I also took the pillow that came with his carseat & made a new & improved pillow! Joe thinks this looks way too girly....maybe it does...but I am keeping 'em! That is until I get some more fabric that would look better for a toddler boy!

I am going to make some for Jett next!!!

Ewww...but Cute!!!

I am not sure if I want to laugh or puke!! Either way, it is obvious how much these two boys love eachother!! Jaxon just loves his "uzzie" (aka, Buzzie)!!!

Whooooo has a cool blog?

I do, I do! I just love my new owl blog layout!

And that is about 'owl' I have to say! ;)

Spiral Paper Roses

I came across this video tutorial on how to make some spiral paper roses! As soon as I saw them, I HAD to make them! I have no idea what I am going to do with them...but they are cute none the less :) Mine did not turn out as the oh-so-perfect roses that Little Birdie Secrets makes, but I am still happy with it!! Here is a Video Tutorial on how to make them!

Dry Erase Calender

So...I ran out of toner on my laser printer...which means I can not print out any calenders for my fridge...I could go out & buy some new toner....but I would rather put that money towards something fun ;)

Anyway, I had some upcoming dates I need to put on my calender. A lightbulb went off: Make a dry erase calender! I have a laminater! I have closet FULL of craft supplies (and when I say closet...I mean it!!!!)!

So I got to work. While my mom had the older boys & while Jett was napping in his baby swing, I worked on my project! My first craft project (minus all my sewing) that I have done since getting pregnant. For some odd reason, I lose all my craftiness while pregnant. I don't know if I actually "lose" it, I just have no energy to do crafts!

Here is my dry erase calender I made for the fridge! I am pretty happy (and proud!) with it. I made the the month, days & animals raised (I laminated those separate, then added some cardboard to the back of them & glued them down)...kinda 3D.

Easter Outfits

This was the BEST photo of the three!!! At least I got eye contact....sort of!!

And this is what 99% of all photo shoots with the boys look like!

My sweet Jaden!

I just love Jaxon's smile here!!! Melts my heart!!!

Jaxon can't possibly be 2 years old (note to self: Post a Jaxon's birthday Blog)!!!

Baby Jett is here!!!

Born March 25, 2010 at 4:45 PM
6lbs 12oz & 19 in

Sorry this has taken me a week to even post this....but I am sure you will forgive me...I have my hands full!!!!

I do not have much time...Jett will need to eat again any minute....

Here are a few pics!

Here are short bullet points, I will go into more detail later when I have more time:

  • Induction went great! Epidural was great....once they got it in correctly! They hit the bone twice!!!! Hurt like @#$%#&.....(that is what it would look like if I were the swearing
  • LOVED my nurses!! God blessed me with some great ones!
  • Only pushed 3 times & Jett popped out!
  • Love at first sight!
  • He grabbed my finger & held on tight as soon as they put him on my moment ever!!!
  • 2nd degree tear
  • Jett is nursing like a champ!
  • Jaden LOVES him so much...Jaxon could care!!
  • He wants to be held all the time...mommy does not mind...I love holding him
  • Jett sleeps in my arms at night.
  • Went to first dr appt today, he is looking perfect (of course!!!)! Only an ounce away from his birth weight! Jaundice is gone & circumcision healed up!
Well, motherhood calls....will update as soon as I have some time!!