I Roared!!

So I just so happened to be looking at some of my favorite blogs today & saw the onesie I made for Jett featured on "I Am Momma-Here Me Roar"!!! Total shock! Sooooooooooo cool!!! Out of all the things that I have made doing the freezer paper stenciling, that was probably one of my least favorites items I have painted. Well... think it is super funny (at least I think so...hahaha), but not a favorite. It was the one that said, "My Mama Rocks" and on the back (butt) it says, "Don't be Hate'n" :)

Anyway, here is the LINK to see my onesie!

I would repost the pic, but Joe moved all my picture files to another drive on the computer & I can't find them. Bummer!

Memory Board

I made a Memory Board!!!

The reason I made one was to cover up the side of the craft cube I have on my craft table. You see....I originally had the side you see in the pic below facing down onto the table. Well, I guess the paint was not completely dried on the table when I put the cube on it and when I decided I did not like the orientation of the cube (I change my mind a lot!), I moved it & some paint came up & some of the cube came off!! Whoops!!! So my idea was to make a memory board & "hide" my boo-boo....but in doing so...I made another boo-boo...when measuring the core board to the size of the cube, I did not factor in that the batting & fabric I used would make the board bigger than the cube! Sooooo....I decided to put it on my wall! Now I am back to the drawing board on how to hide the original boo-boo. For now, I am hiding it with that jar :)

And speaking of Boo-Boo's, I burnt the heck out of my fingers {3} times with a hot glue gun....but it was worth it 'cause it turned out so cute!!

Next time I am using duct tape...not like anyone is going to be inspecting the back of it!

Here is how I made it:

Core Board (you know, for school projects?)
Fabric Batting
Cute Patterned FabricRibbon
Hot Glue Gun (or duct tape)
Ice Pack/Boo-Boo Pack as we call it (just in case you go the glue gun route & burn your fingers!)
3M repositional Tabs


1.Cut your core board to the desired size (btw, I got my core board at Dollar Tree!). Place the board onto some fabric batting, allowing a 2 inch boarder. Start cutting. Then glue your batting down, making sure you pull it taut.

2. Snip the corners. You do not need them, they will just make the back lumpy if you try to fold them over.

3. Repeat the same process with your patterned (or outside) fabric. Cut & Glue. I did fold my corners in 'cause it was really thin & did not make it lumpy like how the think batting would.

4. Turn it over & admire what you have accomplished so far. You might even want to take a break & grab something to drink & a snack (optional;) )

5. Start arranging your ribbon. I did mine by trial & error, but you can jump to step 7 to use my finished project as a guide. Find where you want your ribbon to go & dab some hot glue on the back..be sure NOT to touch the hot glue with your finger! Repeat, do NOT touch HOT glue!! Especially not 3 separate times!!

6. Just in case you did not heed my warning, put your burning hot finger on a nice cold boo-boo pack or ice pack. I made this one for my kids (never thinking I would use it myself!). It is filled with rice. I keep 'em in my fridge & pull 'em out when we get a bump/bite/burn. It feels so much better than those ice cold packs (and I hate putting a towel over it, the ice packs always fall out).

7. The finished project!!! Just grab some of those nifty 3M repositional tabs & hang it up on the wall!

8. Enjoy!!

Favorite Pillow Yet!

Ok, Ok, I have only made two pillows to date, but this one is my favorite so far! Here is my first pillow...click HERE.

I took some inspiration from a {pillow tutorial} from my favorite blog, House of Smith. Now, I did not follow the tutorial directions entirely. First off, I did not have a fat quarter of fabric yet. The ones that I ordered the other day have not made it here yet, so I had to use some fabric that I already had. I actually got this fabric (at Hobby Lobby) to recover the cushions to a chair for my craft table, but Joe was against it. He said it was "too girly". {sigh} I guess I will be respectful to his feelings. He is compromising & letting me share the office with him. He was OK (at least I think so) with me making a pillow out of some of the fabric for a chair in the office. He was not however OK with me making a valance out of it for the window in here. Oh well.....marriage is full of compromises....it proves that we love each other!!
OK...back to the pillow!

To be honest, I did no measuring at all. I just "cut & hoped" :) Like I said, I took inspiration from the tutorial, for the shape of the pillow. I added some brown fabric to "glam" it up a bit. I did however follow the tutorial on how to make the fabric flower. My flower might be a tad too big for the pillow, but I think I can get away with it.

When I was done, I showed it to Joe. He said it looked "girly", but did not seem too bothered by it. It is not like he drop kicked it out of the office or anything! LOL!

I am trying to decorate the office a lil (keeping the room as gender neutral as possible...I don't want to be banished from the office...hahaha!). I cleared off the shelf (it was full of junk) and added a few things to the shelves. They are just temporary items until I figure out what I want to do. Joe suggested I paint the shelf the same color as my DESK. {Good...'cause I was going to do it anyway...hehehe} I want to find some artwork...or maybe a giant G letter {for our last name}...hmmmm...looking at the pic below, I may even paint the wooden feet to the bottom of the chair so that it matches the shelf...I wonder if Joe will let me.....

I will keep y'all posted on the transformation of the room :)

Posing Guide for Newborns

Wouldn't you love to win this????

I would!!! What is it? A Newborn Posing guide! There is a Giveaway on Inspire Me Baby! They have a great website that gives out tips on photography everyday! I "Like" them on Facebook, so I get cool tips everyday! You should check them out!

Vintage Fabric

I am weird about used things.

Always have. Probably always will.

Don't know why I am this way. A quirk I guess.

As much as used things make my skin crawl....I LOVE the look of vintage fabrics! I have been drooling over some vintage printed fabrics over on etsy.com. I broke down and decided to buy a set of fat quarters (what are they? it is a quarter of a yard in a square shape, 18x22). I found a set of 6 for $5.95. Shipping was like $2. So for less than $10, I got the cutest fat quarters!!! Here they are:

I will defiantly wash them, probably 2-3 times before I will use them. The only thing that is making me stomach the fact that they are used is that it has the work "vintage" in front of "fabric". Somehow it is making it alright.

I don't think that I am better than the fabric or used things in general. I just gag at the thought of something touching another person's body. Like today, I found these CUTE drinking glasses at Goodwill (etsy inspired me to go there). I had them in my cart, but put them back on the shelf. Just thinking about someone elses lips on those glasses almost made me throw up a lil in my mouth. (But I do not gag at eating from dishes at a restaurant...hmmmm?) I said that I put them back cause I found a lil chip on the bottom of one of the glasses, but it was really the gag factor that made me do it.

I think that maybe I am just a germ-a-phob. But not with all things. I am OK with clothing from my BFF & other close friends. OK with used cars & furniture. My Cricut Expression was used.

What can I say, I am weird. I will admit it!

So, here I have rambled on about how weird I am & all I wanted to do was show off the cute fabric I got!!!

Anyone got any idea on what I should use them for????

And for my next trick..

...shall turn this ordinary men's sweater....

...into this:

Share my secret magic trick.....Ok...if you insist ;)

It was pretty easy. No...that is not entirely true. It would be easy with NO kids around to interrupt the process. Having a 4mo old baby (Jett turned exact 16 weeks y'day!!) that was demanding that I hold him for the entire project was sooooooooo super hard! His legs kept kicking the fabric off the table as I was painting it...wait...I do not want to go back to that crafting night mare...I want to get back to the good part!!!

First, I got to cutting my hubby's old sweater from the GAP. It shrunk over the years (of abuse from me over drying it), so I decided that in it's next life it would come back as a pillow for my living room!!

Next I used my Cricut & some freezer paper to cut a pattern out. I used the Calligraphy Collection Cartridge for the cute swirly/leafy pattern. I cut the patten twice at 4'', once on the the dull side of the paper & once on the shiny side. I did this so I could have the pattern mirrored and arrange them in a cuter fashion.

Once I cut it out, I ironed on the stencil. I overlapped the stencils, so I got my pencil out & traced where I needed to cut. This made me use my noodle to have to figure out what parts stayed & what parts had to go. It might have been easier without a baby on the hip....

Now I am ready to start painting!!

I was really going for a pearled white look on the fabric....it did not quite turn out that way. For some reason, the metallic paint on that fabric turned more of a silver color. That is OK, 'cause in the end it ended up turning out cute!

I sewed the front & back together in a square, stuffed it, turned it right side out, sewed up the stuffing hole.....and abrakadabra......


A pillow made out of sweater!!!

I am actually happy with how the paint turned out. It gives it a subtle, chic look....at least I think so :) If you want to learn more about how to do Freezer Paper Stenciling, check out THIS tutorial by I Am Momma Hear Me Roar. She has a video tutorial on how to do it & it is so much better than I could ever do!

Cricut Lite: Hoot n Hollar

I am soooo loving this new Cricut Lite Cartridge. So I guess that Cricut has a new line that they are only selling at WalMart. It is a "lite" version of their regular cartridges. I really do not see how they are lite, cause I think they are AWESOME!!! They are about $40 full price.

{Here is my new cricut expression!!!}

OK...so I have a bone to pick with Provo Crafts:


I think it is ridiculous to charge$80+ dollars on a cartridge. It is not like they are "packed" with a ton of stuff either! And it is not like you only have a few out....you come out with new ones on a weekly basis!!! I would seriously buy more cartridges if they were cheaper! I think that $40 at WalMart is still pricey, but at least it is only 1/2 the price of regular carts! I bet Provo Crafts will find that they are going to outsell their lite carts vs the regular carts.OK...I am off my rant now :) Here are some cute owls that I cut with the new Hoot & Hollar Cart:

And here is my lil Jaxon pretending to craft!

I have made quite a few more owls, but for some reason did not take any pics of them. Weird. I know!

Home, Sweet Home

Vacation is nice...but it sure is great to be home! There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed!

As you know, we went to Orlando to visit the mouse. That was exhausting, but fun. We took a weeks break before heading home to Ohio to visit with family there. We were there for about a week and a half.

While home we got to visit our friends & family, the Cleveland Zoo, go tubing on Lake Erie, went to Amish Country, fishing, went to visit our old childhood home...and just hang! Oh...and we celebrated the 4th on the lake! :)

We got to meet up with a lot of friends, some from college. It was so nice to see old friends!!