The reason I put a line after the Pumpkin in my title is because you can really make this recipe into muffins, cake, bread or a bunt! I chose to make it into a bunt cake this time, but will probably go back to my usual muffin routine!  I was trying to be fancy...but it did not pay off that well (see finished project).  Don't get me wrong, it tasted {delish}...it just looked ugly!!!

I think I shall call this recipe, "Pumpkin Delish".  This recipe is so easy, a 2 year old could make it, no really, a 2 year old did make it!!

[diclaimer: I did not, I repeat, did NOT come up with this recipe!  I am not that genious! I have no idea who did, I just heard about it a few years ago from someone...and now it is a fall staple here at house de jenna]


1 Box of Spice Cake
1 Can of Pumpkin
Bowl, Mixer, Spoon, Can Opener, Baking Dish


1. Pre-Heat to 350 degrees
2. Pour a can of Pumpkin into a bowl.

3. Pour in a box of Spice Cake

4. You can choose to either hand stir or use a mixer!

5. Lick mixer utensil!  This part is mandatory!

6. Add to your baking dish of choice!

7. Put it in the oven for 30 minutes (or until the bread is done)

8. Take it out of the oven, let it cool & Enjoy!!!


I REALLY love to eat this with cream cheese frosting, but I did not have any in a can nor any real cream cheese to make the icing.  Hopefully your muffins/cake/bread/bunt looks better than how mine turned out!  I should have flipped it, it was prettier coming out of the oven.  Oh well...my boys did not seems to mind...it was gone within minutes!!

I am a mess!

Ok...let's start from the top...literally, the top.  On my lower eyelid I have a stye.  At least that is what the nurse practitioner at the walk in clinic said I had.  I have this red bump on my lower left eyelid.  I was for sure EVERYONE who looked at me was looking at this GINORMOUS bump.  In all reality, I think I maybe the the only one who saw it.  Anyway, she prescribed me an ointment.  She like walked in, said I had a stye & walked out!  I didn't even get the chance to show her....

My Elbow!  So last weekend I was walking down the stairs with Jett in my arms & some craft supplies.  I dropped my ink pad & it was bouncing from step to step.  I am thinking, "Oh my gosh...Joe is going to kill me if he sees brown ink on every step"!  Well, I was paying too much attention to the ink pad & fell myself...down the stairs!  Luckily Jett stayed firmly in my arms untouched my the incident, but my scrapbook supplies went flying & my elbow scraped down the side of my textured wall.  My elbow has been burning for a week straight! And it is STILL not healed up!

So I am at the pharmacy at Kroger, standing in line to pick up my Rx.  While they were filling it, I did some grocery shopping.  OK, so I am standing in line with my shopping cart, Jett is in his car seat in the front of the cart and Jaxon & Jaden are fighting in the kid car portion of the cart.  I go over to yell at them {for the millionth time!} about touching each other, and the wheel of the cart hits my big toe & rips up my toe nail!!!!  Blood immediately starts pouring out.  I start crying.  The pharmacy tech just looks at me & goes about regular business (like seeing a woman pounding the counter & crying is a normal occurrence for them).  I ask for a band aid or something 'cause I have blood running down my toe.  She hands me a single band aid (there must be a shortage of band aids).  Well, that is not going to do me any good.  So I take a baby wipe & wrap up my toe.  I hobble over to the aisle of first aid supplies & buy some stuff to doctor up my toe.  I am STILL crying when I get to check out (I really needed to get groceries, it was looking like 'Old Mother Hubboard' up in my house!) and the bagger lady asks if I am OK.  I tell her the story & she is like, "oh man".  What I REALLY wanted was for her to take my cart full  of groceries to my car...but no, I do it MYSELF...limping out of the store.

Rotten Kroger people!!

What is the worst about this whole thing (other than the fact that my toe is killing me with pain) is that today I was suppose to run a 5k in Nashville!  I am soooooooooooooooo upset that I had to miss it!  Yeah, my lack of training was horrendous,  but I was still looking forward to it!  My poor sister in law had to run it by herself.  Man, I am mad!  I was going to get a real medal & everything!!!

So now I can barely walk.  My toe is throbbing, Liquid is leaking from it & I am in pain!!!


I am having a garage sale...well, more like a driveway sale ;)  I have never had one.  I really do not go to any either.  This will all be new territory to me!  Today I have been going room by room, grabbing things that I can sell.  It has been kind of freeing!  I am a pack rat my heart.  Over the years I have been getting better.  I would rather give things than sell things, but I thought I would try something new.

I am selling my baby bassinet.  This is HUGE for me.  I still want to have another baby...maybe.  Either way, Jett has never used the bassinet.  Jaxon barely used it, so if I have another baby & I really feel like he (yeah, I said he...my track record has been all boys!) would need one, then I could just buy one, but I do not think I will ever use it again.

This was Jaden's.  I used it till he was like 9 months!!!

OK...now that I am writing that....thinking of his big 'ol baby head in it...I am not sure if I want to sell it now!!  Too many memories!!!!

But I have NO room for it!!  NONE!!!  I can't have it sitting in the baby's room forever (been there for almost 3 years).  Someone could use it.

I don't know.  Selling it is like selling memories. 

And this is why I am a pack rat!!!

What do you think I should do?

Marble Magnet Tutorial

"And this next one goes out to Natalie.  She is home alone tonight, wondering how I made marble magnets.  You do not have to wait any longer, Natalie.  Sit back, relax & get ready to craft"

I so imagine the voice of Delilah, the radio host narrating that!  I just love her voice!  I wish I had Delilahs voice!!

Anyway, I got a FB message from my friend Natalie asking me if there was a tutorial on how to make marble magnets.  Remember the ones I made for my pediatricians office?  Anywho, I did not find a tutorial.  I am sure there are some out there, but decided to make my own!


  • Magnets
  • Glass Marbles (found mine at Dollar Tree!)
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paper, Picture, Stickers, ect. (Anything you want on the magnet)
  • Baby in the background (optional)
Step 1
Trace around your paper with a pencil.

Step 2
Cut on the {inside} of your traced circle.

Step 3
Apply Mod Podge to the side of the paper you want showing thru on the magnet.

Step 4

Put the paper on top of the freshly gluey paper.

Step 5
Don't freak that your magnet looks all white & gluey under the marble!  Give it an hour to dry.  Here is a finished marble magnet to prove it to you!

Step 6
Dab some Mod Podge onto the back of the magnet.

Step 7
Put the magnet onto the back of the marble & let it lay flat for an hour!

And that is it!!

I {heart} Fall

Oh my gosh...I love fall!!

I love the colors, smells, temperature...everything!!  I wish it could be fall all year round!!

I put out some fall decor y'day.  I have a box of stuff somewhere in the garage, but didn't feel like moving the van out & searching for it.  I'll make Joe! hehehe!

Isn't this the cutest thing EVER???  Got it at Walmart for only $4!!!  It took 2 bags of Candy Corn to fill it up.  It was sooooo cute for the 4 hours I had it!!  I was sneaking some MORE Candy Corn...and the lid slipped off pumpkin & crashed into a million-zillion pieces!! Oh Snap!!!!! Now my pumpkin is lidless :(

I put out some pumpkins, my fall wreath & fall door mat.  Ok, ok....the mat has been there ALL year...but now it is FINALLY in it's proper season!! :)

And I also put our my favorite glass pumpkin candle holder!  Joe's sister bought it as a baby shower decoration for my  BFF/other SIL, It is out on my coffee table.  I did some editing, which I thought was pretty rad!

Lil Girl Birthday Gift

It is not very often that I get to play with pink!  I am not pink girl.  Never have been.  But if I had a girl...she would be :)  Red hair doesn't look pretty in pink!  Today (er, I mean y'day) I got to play with pink!  I made a t-shirt using the Freezer paper method & the "Create a Critter" Cartridge for the bird (and the Happy Birthday on the bag) and the "Plantin Schoolbook" Cartridge for the font & tag on the bag and shirt.

I have never done layers before.  I am REALLY pleased with how it turned out!  I messed up on the flower bow, so I added a button to the middle of it!  A beautiful mistake!!  Hope Ms.Anita likes it!!

Picture Worth a 1,000 Words

TLC Boycott

I do not like to get political or controversial here on my blog.  The reason for my blog is to share what is on my mind, things that are going on with my family & to share things that I have created.  That is the core of my blog.  So I guess that what I am about to post about is something that has been on my mind.

TLC (The Learning Channel) is promoting their upcoming new reality TV series, "Sister Wives".  Here is the commercial they are running:

They ask us to rethink: Love, Marriage & Family Reality.

I am VERY upset that this is becoming a regular show on TLC.  As a Christian, who strongly believes that God intended marriage to be between one man & one woman, I am offended that TLC is asking me to rethink my fundamental beliefs!  This is not a reality that I want myself, or family to watch.  I have decided to boycott TLC & all Discovery Channel shows (gulp...that is basically ALL I watch!!) until this show is taken off the air!  I am saddened because our family enjoys watching family shows such as "Quints by Surprise", "Kate Plus 8" and "19 Kids & Counting" (We obviously like BIG families).

If you are offended by this new show, write TLC by going here:


OK...I got this off my chest.  Promise to have more posts about crafts, sewing & kiddos soon :)

What is a Cricut?

I decided to make a video about my Cricut.  Y'day two people asked me what a Cricut was.  I was tried to explain it, but unless you really see what a Cricut it, it is hard to grasp the awesomeness of it :)

Now...don't get use to me making videos like this! LOL!! I HATE the sound of my voice!  I wish I had a super cool voice.  If I did I would probably go into radio ('cause I got that kind of face! hahaaha).  So enjoy this video & if ya got any questions ask me in the comments :)

The Great Caterpillar Experiment: Day1-4

Day 1: Went to Science Center and bought a Butterfly house in the gift shop.  Came home and ordered live caterpillars online.  Jaden prays that they come tomorrow.

Day 2: Jaden finds a caterpillar in our front yard.  He names him "Cute" 'cause he is "Cute as a Catepillar"! Well..Duh...why did I even have to ask?  I over hear Jaden tell Jaxon, "Only I can touch the Caterpillar house 'cause I am a Dad, Jaxon!  And you are an uncle"!!

Day 3: Jaden finds a "buddy" for Cute.  His name is "Junior".  By evening, Junior is not looking too good.  Is it normal for a caterpillar to crawl up into a ball and not move? Let's pray that Junior is ready to turn into a Chrysalis, 'cause Jaden calls him his son!

Day 4: RIP Junior.

{Bee} Card

I made a card for Jaxon's speech therapist.  A just because, thank you card!  Since I don't send my kids to "regular" school, I have to make cute lil "teacher" gifts for their therapists & doctors! Man...I would be a rockin' room mom just like my BFF is for her kids! LOL!! 

Again, I used "Create a Critter" cartridge for this card.  I think that every Cricut owner should have this cart in their collection.

Diamonds in the {Rough}

I have been in a funky monkey mood today.

I don't know what it is.  Hormones? Lack of sleep? Constant juvenile accompaniment?

All of the above? Probably! 

I love my kids...but they can work my nerves!!

{gasp}  Did she just say that???  Only a horrible mother would say that!

Maybe I am horrible mother, but it is true!!  Today I am counting down the hours till bedtime!  My #1, has had the attention span of flea.  More like a Mexican jumping bean!  Bouncing all around.  Homeschooling was hard today.  Thoughts of walking into our local elementary school and handing him off sounded pretty appealing today!  Both of us were frustrated.  Finally I said,

"Jaden, come here.  We need to pray"! 

Bad Mommy!  I forgot to start our day off in prayer!  After we prayed (and I asked God for forgiveness for my snappiness) the school day got better!  In fact, it was a really good day!

Then my #2 was like an erupting volcano, tantrums were spewing out of him, until finally I put him down for his nap.  And of course EVERY single time  he is suppose to go to bed he starts saying, "I pee" or "I poop".  I thought about ignoring his request, but I took him at his word (he often is the little boy who cried wolf, just to stay up longer) and he actually did it!!  Woohoo!!!  I am so proud of my Jaxon!!  Pooping in the potty!!!

And then there is my #3....

"No, not sweet lil ol' Jett...he could never do anything wrong!?!?!

Wrong!!!  The kid has been demanding my attention 24/7!!!!  If I am not holding him, he is crying!  Unless I am giving him attention, that is!  Even at night, he makes me hold him. Yes.  My boss is a 5mo old butterball!  Why? I have yet to figure out why I am letting him run me like this.  Probably out of pure exhaustion.  It is easier that way.  But in doing so I have created a monster!

So at my crankiest moment today (and his!!!), I took my crying #3 into our bedroom.  Put him in the baby swing.  Turned on some music.  Shut the door.  And put my iPod on to drown out the crying!  And you know what?  He fell asleep within 3 minutes!!!!!!   I should have done that long time ago!!!!  In fact, I did it again this afternoon (this is how I am able to blog now!)!!!

So I guess the moral of my story today is that there has been some real diamond is my ROUGH of a day!!

  • Sweet homeschooling day (after praying!)
  • Poo Poo in the Potty
  • Falling asleep without Mommy

So Fab Zebra

Made a cute card using my "Create A Critter" Cart!!

Paper Fortune Cookie Thank You!

I have been working on a super fun project this week!  I have been wanting to make a thank you gift for my pediatricians office for all of their help, support and goodies while Jett was sick! 

As soon as I made this card...

I knew I was going to do an Asian themed gift.  I have seen paper fortune cookies before, but did not know how to make them until I found this TUTORIAL.  It was easy & fun!  I went to Michael's & found these super cute take out boxes.  I knew that I could put the fortune cookies in them!  I was so excited!!!!  (BTW, I used the "Create A Critter" for the Panda card)

I found that on my "Plantin Schoolbook" cartridge for my Cricit Expression, I could make tags with font on them!!  Yippie!!!  Then I took the first letter of each of their names & used that for the marble magnet!  For the magnet, I just got some glass marbles (it was in the floral section..people like putting them in glass vases) from Dollar Tree (only $1 for a whole bag....SCORE!!), glued the patterned paper on the back with the letter cut out & added a magnet to the back!  Personalized magnet that are sooooooooooooo super easy & cute!!

For the fortune cookie, I put a personalized thank you to each of the staff on the slip of paper in the "cookie"!  And as you can see in the background....they were the recipients of the snickerdoodles!!!  

Oh. and I added some red patterned paper to the take out boxes to dress 'em up!!!

So pleased with how everything turned out!



BEST cookies I have EVER had the privileged of baking!  I scoured the internet, trying to find the best recipe and found it!  So good I just had to share it with you!!!  I wish I could say that this is my recipe...but I can't!  I borrowed it from one that was submitted to allrecipes.com.  Here it is:

Mrs.Sigg's Snickerdoodles


1/2 cup butter, softened
1/2 cup shortening
1 1/2 cups white sugar
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons white sugar
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C).
2. Cream together butter, shortening, 1 1/2 cups sugar, the eggs and the vanilla. Blend in the flour, cream of tartar, soda and salt. Shape dough by rounded spoonfuls into balls.
3. Mix the 2 tablespoons sugar and the cinnamon. Roll balls of dough in mixture. Place 2 inches apart on ungreased baking sheets.
4. Bake 8 to 10 minutes, or until set but not too hard. Remove immediately from baking sheets.


(My actual snickerdoodles!!!)

Old Scrapbook Pages

I happened to come across some old scrapbook pages from a few years ago. I haven't scrapbooked in like 3 years.  Ever since I got pregnant with Jaxon.  I was so sick with him & had no energy what-so-ever to scrapbook...then he came...then I got pregnant with Jett....rest is history.  Right now my passion is sewing & crafting.  I still use all my scrapbook supplies & I still go by a "scrapbooker", but I haven't scrapped a pic in a long time.  I figure I will get back into it.  As long as I am keeping up with taking pics now, I know that in the future I will have more time to actually scrapbook their lives.

Here are a few of my favorite pages when I heavily got into scrapbooking (sounds like I am a paper druggy or something! lol):

I would like to thank....

I am  imagining myself standing up on a stage, holding an award (Jett, I am actually holding Jett!) giving my acceptance speech.  I want to thank everyone who prayed for us & helped us out.  Like every actress or singer, they always give the disclaimer,

"There are too many to thank"

And it is true.  There are so many people to thank.  Family, friends, doctors, nurses...people I do not even know!  But I will try...and I "hope I do not forget anyone"!!!

I would like to thank.....

God.  Really, none of this would be possible.  This, as in Jett.  You blessed me with an amazing baby boy.  You healed him. You chose to allow him to stay in my arms much longer.  Your Grace allowed him to come out of this with no problems.  I love you so much.  My heart, soul & every breath belongs to you!

Joe.  My sweet husband.  Our faith, strength & love grew so much stronger in just 10 days than it over our 13 years of marriage.  You stood up, being the strong leader of our family.  Directing me as a spiritual leader.  Thank you for staying at the hospital night after night, sleeping sitting up.  Keeping up with cool washclothes to keep Jett cool.  Thank you for loving us so much.  Thank you for being our rock.

Missy.  Thank you for everything!  Thank you for coming to visit us while we were locked up in that room!  Thank you for distracting me while Jett was getting the spinal tap.  Thank you for telling me the muscle story & making me laugh!  I could never have designed or picked a better best friend.  Thank you for introducing the "Breakfast Song" to me!!  Thank you for watching the boys when our mom's couldn't.  I love you so much for loving our boys!

Erica.  Thank you for being such a great nurse.  Thank you for truely caring for us.  Thank you for texting me day & night, checking up on us.  You checked up on us more than some family!! That spoke volumes to us!  Thank you for fighting for us!  I feel like through this ordeal, I found a friend!

Pediatricians Office (I don't want to give out too much info on us! But for those who do not know who we go to, ask me & I will tell you!). Thank you for this:

OK....WHAT pediatricians office brings over ever snack food imaginable in a "Hospital Survival Kit"?!?!?!  I am BLOWN away!!!!!!!

Dr. H.  Thank you for being a great doctor.  I can't express how thankful we are that you were on duty the day Jett was born & you became our pediatrician.  The day we met you, when you left the room, both Joe & I looked at eachother and said, "He is our new doctor"!!  Thank you for sitting down when you talk to us, making us feel at ease.  Thank you for sitting with us in the ER when we were so scared.  Thank you for letting us text & call you after hours.  I promise we will not abuse it! LOL!!  Thank you for being understanding, never judging.  You are a great doctor...no an exceptional doctor!

Our Mother's.  Thank you Mom's for coming to stay with us & taking care of the boys. We were not worried at all when you were taking care of them.  We are so glad that Jaden & Jaxon got to spend all that time with the both of you.  Honestly, we do not know what we would have done without either of you!!!  We love you sooooooooooo much!!!!!!

Our Pastors.  Thank you for coming to see us, praying for us & checking up on us.  We love you both so much!!!

Anabella & Angie. Thank you for bringing us GiGi's Cupcakes!  Thank you for the flowers!!  You really cheered us up!!!

Kim & Nathan.  Thank you for bringing us the potted flower.  I LOVED it!!  They are still alive & on my table!! Thank you for taking the boys pizza!!!

Thank you Ben & Jerry's for being there for me.  Without your waffle cones, I could have not survived!

Double Rainbow Guy.  Thank you for making me laugh!  Honestly, it has been a long time since I have laughed so hard I cried!

And last but NOT LEAST.....

Thank you to every single person who prayed for us.  You were the ones who held us up when we were so weak.  You interceded on our behalf.  Without your prayers, we could not have survived.  When I checked facebook (every 5 minutes...lol), I was blown away by all the posts, comments & messages from all our friends!  Through this process, we found out who truly loved & cared for us & those who did not.  We will never be able to express how much we appreciate you all!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Our Meningitis Story

Ok....so I have been putting this off for a while.  Mostly because our main computer was not working (it is back in business, baby!!), but also because I was not ready to write about the whole meningitis thing.  But I want to write this while it is semi-fresh in my mind.

On August 16th, I took Jett into the doctor's office because over the weekend he developed a fever.  I was in communication with my pediatrician (Dr H) via text & phone about Jett's situation.  I know that fevers themselves are nothing to worry about, but I was really concern about why he was having them.  With both Tylenol & Motrin in his system, Jett's fever's were still 103.8!  That just did not seem normal to me!  That Sunday night as I was nursing Jett I noticed that when I would switch sides, he would SCREAM in pain.  It was the movement that made him go overboard.  I was thinking that he must have a REALLY bad ear infection.  So that Monday morning I called the ped office & told them I was coming in.  I was like the first one there.  As I was driving to their office, every tiny bump in the road I would hit would make Jett scream in pain.

I knew at that moment something was not right.

My ped was not in the office, but his nurse practitioner was in.  She checked Jett over.  I noticed her checking the movement of Jett's neck & checking his soft spot.  Everything was normal.  Then she checked his ears.  One ear was a lil red.  She wrote him an Rx for amoxiclin.  While I was there, Jett was due for tylenol.  Both the nurse & NP were in the room with me as I gave it to him.  Jett was just screaming in pain.  I remember crying, asking them if this was normal for an ear infection.  They said it could.

As the hours went by, I saw no improvement in Jett. His fevers were still high.  I sent a text to the nurse (how cool is it that she lets me txt her!!) saying I was worried about him.  She told me I could bring Jett in, that Dr H was still there & even though they had closed, they would still be there if I wanted to bring him right in.

I am so glad I did.

Now prior to me bringing him in my BFF (who is a RN) had mentioned to me that she was concerned that Jett could have had meningitis, because of his symptoms (screaming in pain).  I remember asking her what they would look for if they were concerned.  She said they would check to see if he could move his neck.  So when Dr H started moving his neck...spending a lot of time doing it, I asked him if he was checking for meningitis.  He said he was.

"Do you think he had meningitis"?

"Yes...I think it is a possibility...I think it would be reasonable to have you go to Vanderbilt to get a spinal tap done."

I don't remember a lot after this moment.  But I do remember being glad the nurse was holding Jett at the time.  I remember bursting into tears, almost collapsing.  Never have I ever been that afraid.  I felt like my world was collapsing.  The room was spinning & going in slow motion at the same time.  I called Joe to tell him that we needed to take him in & what Dr H thought Jett had.  Later, Joe told me that after he got off the phone with me, he went into his office, got on his knees and started crying.  He was praying to God that He would heal Jett. 

I called Missy (BFF) to meet me at the hospital. I knew that I could not do this without her there.  Joe is my rock...but she is my other rock. 

Next thing I know, Joe is at the office.  I still have no idea how he made a 20 min drive in 5.  It might have been 20 min...I have no idea.  Like I said, I was not all there.

Before we left to head to the hospital, Joe said to me,

"Jen...this is where our faith meets the road. No matter what happens, no matter what the doctor's say, we have to stand upon God's word".

We prayed the entire drive to the hospital.  I have NEVER prayed/cried/pleaded so hard in my life.  I was crying outloud,

"God please....please save my baby.  Please do not let him die, please God please"!!!!

When getting to the ER, everything went so fast.  We were in the ER for 6 hours, but it felt like only 2.  Missy showed up right away.  I am so glad she was there to...just be there.  When they had to give him the spinal tap, I was about to loose it.  Joe stayed outside the room so that he could be there if they needed him.

I stepped out of the room.  I could hear him screaming.

I went down the hall.  I could hear him screaming.

I went down a different hallway.  I could hear him screaming.

I felt that no matter where I went, I heard him screaming.

Missy was there...talking to me...trying to get my mind off the screaming.

After the spinal tap was done, they had to give Jett an IV.  Then the screaming began again.  Joe stayed with Jett, holding his hand, comforting him while they poked him 6 times...finally putting the IV in his head.  Missy & I went to the remote hallway where his screams where drowned out.  I wish I was strong enough to have been there holding his hands....but I wasn't.

Over the next few hours, we found out that Jett did have meningitis.  We learned that since Jett had been on an antibiotic for the pertusis & ear infection, they were messing with his white blood cell count & they would not be able to get a true count to tell us if he had viral or bacterial meningitis.  We heard different doctors telling us they thought he had viral, others saying he had bacterial.  Either way, they were going to treat him as if he had bacterial.

The night we were admitted & in our "permanent" room, I tossed & turned all night.  Thankfully Jett was not screaming anymore in pain.  They say that when they do a spinal tap, it relieves the pressure.  OK...so I should have explained this earlier.  Meningitis is an infection in the spinal fluid & the lining of the brain.  You can get it by either a virus or bacterium.  Other than Jett's extreme pain, his soft spot was bulging.  So, his brain was filling up with spinal fluid.  This is what was causing the pain for him.

OK, so back to that first night.  Joe & I had some worship music playing (in fact, worship music was playing our entire 10 days at the hospital, day & night).  Joe, Jett & I were all cramped up on the lil bed/couch thing they had in his room.  I held Jett all night.  I would wake up thinking that this was just a bad dream.  Then I would remember that it was all true.  I would be in prayer, then I would fall asleep.  One of the times I woke up I felt that God spoke to me clearly.  I felt that He told me that Jett was healed & he would not have any effects from the meningitis. 

So I stood upon those words.

No matter what anyone said.  Jett was healed!

It has been over a week since we have been home.  Jett is healed!  He had no side effects from the meningitis.  He is back to his normal smiley self.

I try to forget the moments that I have just typed.  Right now they are all too fresh maybe.  Thinking about them makes me weep just thinking about how afraid we were that Jett may die.  That I would never see his beautiful smiling face again.

The doctors & nurses were/are great, but I know what I know.  God healed my son.

Sheep & Poodles

I am addicted to making cards!  My new obsession!  I am trying to get my money's worth from my new cartridges & cricut expression! LOL!  Plus, I am trying to make cards for everyone who made dinner for us while Jett & I were at the hospital.

Here are two more: