The Coffee Shop Blog

I plan to become a student of "The Coffee Shop Blog"!  This lady rocks!!  She provides FREE actions for photoshop!!  Not only does she give free actions, but she teaches you how to use them & how to learn photoshop!  I can't wait to learn something worthy of posting it here!!  I love this website so much, it has earned a button on my blog!!

In my spare time today (hehehe) I am going to learn as MUCH as I can today!  And if I am lucky, I will lock myself in the office this weekend only coming out for the essentials (food, water, toilet, nursing) and learn more!  That is if the husband can help out! 

Check out "The Coffee Shop Blog"!!!!


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October Rambels

Here I go, rambling again...

  • Today we are getting some wicked storms!  Tornados keep popping up everywhere.  Not only are storms bad here in Nashville, but back in Ohio as well! Crazy!!
  • On Monday...I think that is right, there was a really bad storm as well.  We got the storm shelter ready (aka, hall closet).  Jaden has everything ready: 3 FULL glasses of milk, a sippy cup of OJ for Jaxon, Buzz's dog dishes & Buzz's leash scotch taped to the wall (to hold it down to the wall, of course!).  Very thoughtful Jaden!!  Our house may explode during the storm, but dog-gone-it...we shall have our calcium!!
  • Joe's video company (not his full time job...though he would like it to be!) just ordered the brand spanken new Adobe Creative Suites 5!!!!!  And as being his wife, I get the perk of using photoshop!!!!  Wooohooo!!!!
  • Jaxon has been a pill lately!!  I put him down for a nap.  He "fell asleep" & Jaden and I went into my room to do some school work.  All of a sudden Jaxon comes in my room with finger nail polish all over his fingers & toes!!!!  I run past him & into the living room to find....nail polish on the coffee table!!!  I almost passed out!!  I got most of it up, but the parts that was on the table took up the finish!!!  Joe is going to KILL  me!!!  Maybe he will not notice.....
  • So remember my toe injury?  Well my toe nail finally fell off!  GROSS!!!!! Thinking about it makes me want to BARF!!!  To make the situation a lil more pleasant, I have come up with a new "game".  I keep my toe covered with a band-aid so that I don't accidentally look at my toe, barf, slip in it & break my leg.  I have been taking sharpies & drawing faces on my band aid!  So far we have met, "Angelina Toelie" and "Toe Bice"!!  I have a lot of new "friends" to introduce!  If you can think of a funny name for my toe, let me know...I just pick your name!
  • Halloween is only a few days away...can't wait to show you the pictures!!!

Prayer Genie

Pretty funny video!!!  Funny because it is soooo true!!  I think that they only reason people pray to God it to ask for something! hubby & his brother made this video!!!

Pivotal Circumstances

This past Sunday, our Pastor, Greg Chapman, spoke an awesome message on about how pivotal circumstances can cause your faith to grow.  In the message, he spoke a lil bit about our family's pivotal circumstance (Jett's meningitis).  It was a great, great message!!!  I encourage you to listen to it.  It is only 36 minutes long.  It is part 6 of 6 part series, so if you love this one, you will love the rest of the series!  Click HERE for the link!

One thing that was really cool was that I am VERY careful not to give out our last name on this blog.  Well, in the message, our pastor mixed our last name up & said the wrong one!! LOL!!  So you get to hear the message & not know our last name! LOL!!!

Hope you enjoy it!!!!  It was a super awesome message!!

My Fridge

I will never claim to have a clean & tidy fridge....inside or out!  I am not even going to go there about the inside of fridge.  The good thing about a fridge is you can shut the door & the mess goes away!

The outside of my fridge has always been our family center.  Calendars, craft projects (mine & theirs!), appointment cards, business cards, pictures, ect. have all been plastered upon my fridge!  It was this way even before kids!

I believe a happy fridge, a happy family!!! :)

Here are some of my current favorite fridge dwellers:

Here is a pic of my sweet baby dog, Gracie.  It was taken on this old tiny pix Polaroid camera that is not even around anymore.  I was getting ready to head to class & my dog Gracie jumped in my backpack.  She was soooo smart & full of personality!!  I will always keep this pic on my fridge so I can remember her.  She died 4 years ago.  We still miss her very much!! 

Last night I had a craft night with 2 of my SIL's, Missy & Anabella.  I made these super cute sock monkeys with my Cricut Machine.  The boy monkey, I used "B is for Boy" and the girl monkey, I used Missy's "Sugar & Spice" Cartridge that we both got at WalMart.  I put a magnet on the back of them so I could look at their cute lil monkey faces!!

I love this new pack of paper that I got a few weeks ago & decided to make a magnet with it!!  LOVE marble magnets!!

Shutterfly sent me a FREE 10 card coupon....which I took them up on!  I only got the 10 free ones, but now that I have them I want more!!!  Shutterfly knew what they are doing!!  They are GREAT quality...the paper is really thick.  I love how they turned out!!!

Here is a paper flower magnet my BFF/SIL made me!  She made it here, with a link to the tutorial!

I keep the obituary of Jaden's old nanny/babysitter, Jenna, on my fridge.  She died in 2007, but I can't bear to take it down.  Every time I look at it, I send up a prayer for her family.  She was an awesome mother of 3 beautiful children and was also pregnant with a baby boy when she died of complications due to her cancer.  Joe & I were talking about how we keep this up on our fridge to always keep our lives in perspective.  It reminds us to always appreciate the time we have left with our children & each other.

 I love this pic of Joe...he is just tooooooo cute!!  I cut the part of me out...I looked horrible!!  This was the day we closed on our first house.  It was such a bitter-sweet day.  We bought our first home together, but then found out that day that our baby did not have a heartbeat in my belly.  We were holding out hope that our dates were off & that the baby's heartbeat would start up that week...but it didn't.  :(  I almost forgot about the story behind this photo until now.  I have kept it up on our fridge for 5 years now 'cause I like looking at this super hot guy!!! :)