5 More to Go!!

How cool!!!  

Only 5 more followers till I reach 100!!  If you are not already following me, please do so!  When I hit 100 followers, I am going to open up for blog sponsorship!  I already have my first sponsor in waiting!  I can't wait to share with you who it is!!!

So I want to share with you the baby boy cupcake I made today, as well as a baby roll that I made today!  I did place them in my etsy shop {i know, i know...a shamless plug...but i am just so excited to share my creations with you, i didn't think you would mind...too bad...lol!}

Here is the "Preppy Baby Boy Roll"....doesn't it look like the yummy pumpkin roll I made last month?  In the roll you will find two burp cloths that I made & a personalized onesie!

 And here a single burp cloth cupcake I made called the "Preppy Baby Boy Cupcake"!

I am addicted to making these cupcakes!  

So tomorrow I will be working on a new tutorial for you!  I can't wait to share it with you!  I think you will like it!

Have a super Martin Luther King Jr Day tomorrow!!


Scott, Meredith & Audrey said...

I am so excited for you. I think your thinks are so cute and this is a great idea for you. You are so creative. I suggested your store today to 55 of my facebook friends!

DANA said...

I would like for you to come visit this post and see what you think! I am a follower of yours, I wish you luck! the post is titled "Moving On" and it was written Tuesday!


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