Wristlet Keychain Tutorial

As promised, here is a tutorial on how to make a wristlet keychain ring!  I hope that you find it easy & fun to make!  I had the hardest time finding a good tute online on how to make one!  It took me a million failed attempts to get it right (it seems so easy now, but figuring out how to do it was racking my brain...maybe I was in a sewing funk that day! lol!)!  Alright...lets go!!

Wristlet Key Ring

  • Fabric cut 5" x 18" (approx...you can make your wristlet any size you want)
  • Key Ring or D Ring
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine & thread

Step 1: Cut your fabric to 5" x 18"

Step 2: Fold your fabric  length wise in on itself so that your edges meet & iron.  You should see the "good" side of the fabric when you are done folding & ironing! (if you have ever made a strap for a bag, we are doing the same thing!).

Step 3: Fold the fabric in half and iron.

Step 4: Top stitch  both sides of the fabric.  I used the edge of the outer grabber thing under my sewing machine foot as a guide.  (Approx 10mm or 1/8th")

Step 5: Once you have stitched both sides of the fabric, fold it in half & slip your ring to the middle.

Step 6: Stitch across the fabric, 3" down from the unfinished edges. I know it is hard to see my stitch across in this second pic, but it is there ;)

Step 7: Turn the fabric inside out (technically...it is now right side out!) to look like this.

Step 8: Pull your ring in between the two inner "flaps" all the way to the edge of the stitch.

Step 9: Stitch across the fabric, as close to ring as you can get.  The fabric will be thick at this point, so go slow.  You could use a zipper foot, but I did just fine with my regular foot.

Step 10: Cut the excess strap flap off as close to the seam as possible.

All done!!!!  Now go put some rings on it & {enjoy}!!

I love it that I can just wrap it around my wrist & how "handy" it is to hold onto my keys by the strap like this!  If you end of making one, please let me know by linking your creation to this post!  It would make my day!!

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Reginia said...

Very cute and handy!
Great job - I am gonna have to try to make one of these :)

FlyAwayHome said...

Great minds MUST think alike!
Check out my version... http://flyawayhome-4am.blogspot.com/2010/03/you-will-need-following-supplies-1.html

I am visiting from Creative Itch and love your blog. Great ideas!

Jessica Ashley said...

Made mine... Worked great! Thanks for the photo step by step... Definitely recommend using a D ring, my ring made it hard to sew a good stitch close to the ring without bunching the fabric.

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