Yellow & Gray

I am sooo in love with the colors yellow & gray.  Gray is my new brown!

{btw} I am sure you are all better spellers than me, but I always had the hardest time knowing how to spell "Gray/Grey"...does it have a A or E?  So I looked it up....and the answer is....BOTH are correct.  In America we use the spelling "Gray", in English/British influenced countries (England, Canada, ect) they use "Grey".  Here is an easy way to remember:

grAy: A for America
grEy: E for England

And NOW your spelling lesson is over :)

OK, back to my favorite colors, yellow & gray

A few months back, I put together a necklace combo...

...and I fell in {love}!  Since then, I have been obsessed with these two colors!  In fact, I went to Target and bought the dish towels in THIS collection...

Sooooo pretty!!!  Here are some more yellow & gray items that I am head over heals about:

Each picture is linked so that you can go buy this item or learn more about it!  Go check 'em out!!!


Brittany Chavers said...

Simply beautiful! Thank you so much for including my necklace in your feature!! I love gray and yellow so much that I decorated my living room with those colors, and I have the table cloth from that target collection!

Thanks again,

Brittany :)

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