Banana Milkshakes

I have been going bananas over the yummy Banana Milk Shakes I have been making.

I know the "healthy" thing to do is to make banana smoothies with greek yogurt...

...but sometimes is tastes so good to be bad!!!

Making a banana milkshake is super easy (and oh-so-yummy!!!).

  • Super Ripe Bananas (with lots of spots on them!)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream (your favorite brand!)
  • Milk

{1} Use 2-3 super ripe bananas, you know, the ones that have spots all over them!  The more spots a banana has, the sweeter it is!

{2} Add bananas & ice cream to you blender (you can hand mix this, but it would take FOREVER)...I fill my blender with ice cream scoops all the way to the top! Then add a "splash" of milk.  Too much milk will make this milkshake into a milk-soup!

{3} Blend!  If it is too "soupy", just add more scoops of ice cream until you get the perfect consistency!

{4} Enjoy!!!!


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