We are potty training our 3 year old son, Jaxon.  I have been putting off for various reason:

a.) I {hate} potty training.  Worst.Thing.Ever.

b.) I didn't know if he was ready.

c.) I was waiting for hubby to start summer vacation so I could have some backup

d.) Waiting for it to be hot, so we could let Jaxon run around in the buff.

e.) I {hate} potty training. Yep.Worst.Thing.Ever.

We are in day 2 of potting training.  It isn't going that bad actually.  Only putting a diaper on him at night....and he has woken up both mornings with a dry diaper.  We have had a few accidents.  Thank God for carpet cleaners & leather furniture!

A really cute & handy potty training tool has been my iTouch.  Well, more like the Pull-Up's Potty Training App.

It reminds us to put Jaxon on the potty at a set time (you can pick how often it rings).  We have it set for every hour.  Every hour we hear the theme song, "I'm a big kid now".  When he gets on the potty, I let him push, "Potty Now" and this cute lil song comes on.  When he is done, he gets to push a button that he "went potty".  Then it start to cheer for him & he gets a virtual sticker.  After 9 stars, he gets to play a game!  I am now the proud mama of 9 star potty trainer ;)

If you or someone you know is trying to potty train, search for the pull ups app on your apple device!


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