101 Sewing Tutorials For Summer

Kim, from Everything Etsy, compiled a list of the must do 101 Sewing Tutorials For Summer!

And guess who made the list????

Yours truly!!!  I am #48!!
 {go check it out!!}

Pretty snazzy, huh!!  Made my day!!!  Never thought that my lil Boo Hoo Owls would be so popular!  Not only did I make it to that cool list, but I was also featured on Someday Crafts & Craft Gossip!

But you wanna know what rocked my socks off the most??  Having my readers who actually made one of my owls & shared them with me!  Now THAT is awesome!  Take a look at some of the cute owls they have made:

Lulu from, Inspired Chic, made this cute orange & pink owl

Natassia, from Nat's Knapsack, made this super cool blue owl...

Grandma G, from A Photos Worth, made these oh-so-adorable owls...

If you have made one of my owls, please let me know!!  It means the world to me!!

Click {HERE} to see my original tutorial to make one for yourself!


Grandma G said...

Thanks, Jenna for featuring my owls! Thanks especially for the cute and fun tutorial! My granddaughter and I loved making them.

Also congrats on making 'the list'! Well deserved!

Natassia said...

Thanks for featuring my owl! I love all the others too!! So cute!

Terwijl ze slaapt maakt mama said...

Hi Jenna,

That is great that you made the list! And I have made some owls myself!

You can find them on my blog!

lulu said...

I'm delighted that you chose to feature my owl too! I really enjoyed making it :-) Great news about making the list :-)

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