Loving me some Pinterest!!!

 So how long has Pinterest been around....cause I just NOW found out about this site!!!

What is Pinterest?  In a nutshell, it is basically a place to "pin" all the things you find of "interest" on the web!  The reason I like it, for example, I had been "bookmarking" all my favorite tutorials & sewing/crafting To-Do projects on my computer.  Well, I don't know if this has ever happened to you, but our computer crashed & I lost all of my bookmarks!!  Devastating!!!

Well, now I don't have to worry about losing any of the cool things I find here in blogland!  I can just pin it, and go back to it when I need to!  And another super cool thing about Pinterest is that it is a "breeding ground" for all things creative!  You can follow other creative masterminds...and they can follow you!

This is what your home screen looks like....

Wanna follow me?  Now you can!!!

Follow Me on Pinterest

What is YOUR favorite thing about Pinterest?

Felt Petal Pillow Tutorial


Tonia, from The Gunny Sack, not only made this BEAUTIFUL pillow, she made a tutorial on how to make it!  Check out the tutorial {HERE}!!

GIVEAWAY!!! Rosette Ring!!!

How would you like to win this super cute brown & cream poke-a-dot rosette ring?  It is made with Moda fabric & is attached to a chocolate brown ribbon ring!  It is cute & chic!  I just love all my jumbo rosette rings!  Every time I wear one, someone always comments on how cute it is!  The rosette measures to be 1.25" in diameter.  We (my BFF & I) make these rings as well as a bunch of other cool items in our Etsy shop, The Vintage Honey Shop.

Wanna win this ring?  It is easy...just follow the rules below...

Giveaway Rules:
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I {heart} Joel Dewberry Fabrics

I am 100% sold on shelling out the extra money to buy designer fabric.  I thought fabric was fabric. 

It is not!

The quality is so much better, softer, easier to work with....

I first fell in love with Moda, then Art Gallery...and now my latest fabric crush is Joel Dewberry!  Lately, all of the fabric that I have been buying online (I buy 99.9% of my online fabrics from Lilly Bella Fabrics) have been Joel Dewberry!

I *just* got this fabric in the mail:

It is from his Deer Vally line, this print is called Architectural Goldenrod.  I am gonna make 2 pillows for my sofa out of it!  Here are some others in that same line:

Another collection that I adore is his Avairy II...
And I sooooo wanna buy a lot of fabric out of this line, Modern Meadow:

If you are looking for some great designer fabrics, be sure to check out Joel Dewberry

Painting Birdhouses

I found the best $1 craft for my boys:

Painting bird houses!  I got the birdhouses in the dollar section at Joann Fabrics.  I had a 50% off coupon (I have the Joann's app that you can store all of their coupons...check it out!), so I actually got one of the birdhouses for .50!!  We already had some paints at home, so it only cost me $1.50 for two birdhouses!


Of course the birdhouses are too small for any real birds to live in them (I can barely fit my pointer finger in the hole), so we actually have them hanging in our playroom.

Next time you head out to Joann Fabrics, be on the look out for these sweet lil birdhouses!  Even if you don't have any paints at home, the kiddos can color on them with crayons or makers!  Be creative & have fun!!!

Can You Hear Me Now???

Last week I jumped on the can phone bandwagon & had the boys make can phones.  As a lil girl, I had always wanted to make them, but never did.  I think I was re-living my childhood through my boys on this craft! I used the tutorial over at Skip to my Lou to make our can phones.

I think I accidentally made my can holes too big, 'cause our phones didn't work.  But that didn't bother the boys.  They had fun decorating their own cans with old scrapbooking paper & stickers.  And they just loved to hear the echo of their own voices in the can.

Another reason it might not have worked was because both boys wanted to do all the talking & no one wanted to do any listening! Not much communication was going on here! LOL!

But like I said, they loved the craft...they had fun & it kept them busy!  So over all....success!

Also be sure to check out my blog buddy, Jo, from Smile Monsters, she shows you how to make a can phone look chic! 

MUCH better looking than mine...and hers probably worked better than mine too! :)

Feather Headband Tutorial

I found a great tutorial over at Little Miss Momma on how to make your own Feather Headband!

Very hip.

So Steven Tyler.

So not me...but I appreciate their coolness factor...I just don't think I could pull it off!  I wear my hair in a pony tail 99% of the time.  With three lil kids, it is so much easier to pull it back up instead of styling it.  Plus, I can't stand it when I have hair in my face.  I am just weird like that.

Maybe someday I will be cool enough to wear feathers in my hair...but for now...you can be with THIS awesome tutorial!!!

Sleeping Beauty Pillow

Once upon a time....

My sweet lil niece, Princess Kiana, accidentally fell asleep one night with some silly putty....which in turn stained up a soft sleeping beauty fleece pajama top!  The princess was so sad...

And not matter how hard her mommy tried to get that stain out...it would just not come out!

Then her fairy godmother, Nenna {that is what she calls me...Nenna...not her fairy godmother, lol}, waved her magical sewing wand and...



...Nenna turned the jammie top into a pillow!!!

Now Princess Kiana can live happily ever after...snuggled close to her pillow at night!

The End!

I would surely kill this too...

A Wearable Planter....huh!  Interesting!  It is defiantly a conversation starter, that is for sure!  This would be a great gift for an avid gardener or flower lover!  You can see more wearable planters at "Made by Colleen".

101 Sewing Tutorials For Summer

Kim, from Everything Etsy, compiled a list of the must do 101 Sewing Tutorials For Summer!

And guess who made the list????

Yours truly!!!  I am #48!!
 {go check it out!!}

Pretty snazzy, huh!!  Made my day!!!  Never thought that my lil Boo Hoo Owls would be so popular!  Not only did I make it to that cool list, but I was also featured on Someday Crafts & Craft Gossip!

But you wanna know what rocked my socks off the most??  Having my readers who actually made one of my owls & shared them with me!  Now THAT is awesome!  Take a look at some of the cute owls they have made:

Lulu from, Inspired Chic, made this cute orange & pink owl

Natassia, from Nat's Knapsack, made this super cool blue owl...

Grandma G, from A Photos Worth, made these oh-so-adorable owls...

If you have made one of my owls, please let me know!!  It means the world to me!!

Click {HERE} to see my original tutorial to make one for yourself!

Preppy Boy Crayon Roll

Over the weekend, I made a crayon roll for my 8 year old.  When I presented it to him, I imagined him jumping up & down, thanking me profusely & hugging me with all his might!  That was pretty much the opposite of what I got..

"What?!?! Crayons?!?!?"

Ok...maybe I did build the moment up for him...

"Jaden...mommy has the most wonderful surprise & present for you!  I want you to close your eyes & hold out your hands"!!!!!

My husband was like, "What do you expect, Jen.  He is an eight year old boy!  Boys don't get excited about crayons at this age".

{sigh}  My lil boy is growing up!!!

Oh well.  At least I thought it was wonderful!  And I bet y'all do too!!  So marvel at my work....jump up & down with me as we look at the Preppy Boy Crayon Roll I made...

I {love} the fabric...so boy, so preppy, so cute!  The inside poke-a-dot fabric I used iron on vinyl to protect it from getting dirty.  I used {this} tutorial by Skip To My Lou!

Linking up{HERE} &{HERE}

Skinny Cow

If you are gonna be a cow...why not be a Skinny Cow? ;)

I am currently obsessed with all the yummy products by Skinny Cow!  I have only tried two of their products, but it is my lifes mission to sample everything that they make, 'cause if they are even half as good as what I have tired so far, I am in for a real treat.

Seriously...that are THAT good!!  They are low calorie & low fat....and they are delicious!!  WAY better than any other ice cream out there on the market!  Their ice cream is so smooth...so silky...so good!! 

Currently, I have the White Mint Truffle Bars../

And their Vanilla Sandwiches...
I am now feeling a whole lot less guilty this summer by indulging on these yummy snacks instead of my usual ice cream snacks!  Hey...don't tell my hubby & kids how good these are...if they catch on...these suckers will be gone!!!

Anthropologie Dresses: Thrill Me Thursday

I love dresses in the summer.  I don't really wear them much myself...I live in HOT summer Nashville...so I avoid walking out of my cool air conditioned home like the plague!  If I diid...I would want to be dolled up in one of these Anthropologie Dresses...

Aren't they adorable?!?!?!?

Wedding Dress Photo Shoot

While on my vacation, I did a photo shoot of my sister & her wedding dress.  She got married 7 years ago & wanted to have a "photo shoot" done in her dress.  She never got one when she got married.

And of course....I never say no to a photo shoot...especially of my beautiful sister (remember her guest post a few weeks ago?)!!!  Here are some photos that I shot & photo shopped.

{be kind....I am NOT a professional photographer...though I wanna be when I grow up!!!}