Surprise Date #2

Wait...what was surprise date #1?  Wait a sec, what IS a surprise date?

Ok.  Let me catch you all up.

My hubby & I have decided that once a month we are going to go on a date. (Maybe 1x month is pewny to you, but for us..with 3 lil kids & a busy schedule...we are excited to get 1 QUALITY date a month!)  Each month, we are gonna take turns taking each other on surprise dates!  I take hubby on a date that HE would enjoy.  He will take me on a date that I will enjoy.  We have to step out of our comfort zones!

Date #1...I took my hubs out to a really nice local restaurant for a sweet brunch (ok, ok...this was more for me...but it was our first "surprise" date...we were working out the details!), then I took him out to see the movie, "Captain America". (I don't like boy movies & actually going to the movies).  It was a great date!

Date #2...Hubs took me to a paint your own pottery place, to Baja Burrito & then on a walk/hike at a state park!  I chronicled the date in photos....

Ooooo...where are we going?  I don't know...we can't tell each other till we get there!!

We both painted some coffee mugs :)

Ate a YUMMY burrito outside on the patio!

Then the pics from our walk at the park!  Can you find the deer in that first pic?  We actually saw 3 deer, 4 turtles, 1 snake, 3 turkeys & a bunch of squirrels!

I encourage you all to take your spouses on some surprise dates!  It is so much fun!  Adds a lil adventure, excitement & fun into your marriage!

Cool Giveaway

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1 year ago today... baby boy was in the hospital with Meningitis.

1 year ago....God healed my little boy.

I will never forget, nor stop thanking God for healing Jett & sparing his life!  I still to this day, if Jett wakes up in the middle of the night & I start to feel a lil grumpy about waking up for the 3rd time that night, I say, "Thank you Jesus that Jett is here to cry in the middle of the night"!  I seriously pray that!

I want to share with you something that I wrote on this blog a year ago.  I know it is long, but it is the story of when Jett was diagnosed with meningitis. I have been putting this off for a while.  Mostly because our main computer was not working (it is back in business, baby!!), but also because I was not ready to write about the whole meningitis thing.  But I want to write this while it is semi-fresh in my mind.

On August 16th, I took Jett into the doctor's office because over the weekend he developed a fever.  I was in communication with my pediatrician (Dr H) via text & phone about Jett's situation.  I know that fevers themselves are nothing to worry about, but I was really concern about why he was having them.  With both Tylenol & Motrin in his system, Jett's fever's were still 103.8!  That just did not seem normal to me!  That Sunday night as I was nursing Jett I noticed that when I would switch sides, he would SCREAM in pain.  It was the movement that made him go overboard.  I was thinking that he must have a REALLY bad ear infection.  So that Monday morning I called the ped office & told them I was coming in.  I was like the first one there.  As I was driving to their office, every tiny bump in the road I would hit would make Jett scream in pain.

I knew at that moment something was not right.

My ped was not in the office, but his nurse practitioner was in.  She checked Jett over.  I noticed her checking the movement of Jett's neck & checking his soft spot.  Everything was normal.  Then she checked his ears.  One ear was a lil red.  She wrote him an Rx for amoxiclin.  While I was there, Jett was due for tylenol.  Both the nurse & NP were in the room with me as I gave it to him.  Jett was just screaming in pain.  I remember crying, asking them if this was normal for an ear infection.  They said it could.

As the hours went by, I saw no improvement in Jett. His fevers were still high.  I sent a text to the nurse (how cool is it that she lets me txt her!!) saying I was worried about him.  She told me I could bring Jett in, that Dr H was still there & even though they had closed, they would still be there if I wanted to bring him right in.

I am so glad I did.

Now prior to me bringing him in my BFF (who is a RN) had mentioned to me that she was concerned that Jett could have had meningitis, because of his symptoms (screaming in pain).  I remember asking her what they would look for if they were concerned.  She said they would check to see if he could move his neck.  So when Dr H started moving his neck...spending a lot of time doing it, I asked him if he was checking for meningitis.  He said he was.

"Do you think he had meningitis"?

"Yes...I think it is a possibility...I think it would be reasonable to have you go to Vanderbilt to get a spinal tap done."

I don't remember a lot after this moment.  But I do remember being glad the nurse was holding Jett at the time.  I remember bursting into tears, almost collapsing.  Never have I ever been that afraid.  I felt like my world was collapsing.  The room was spinning & going in slow motion at the same time.  I called Joe to tell him that we needed to take him in & what Dr H thought Jett had.  Later, Joe told me that after he got off the phone with me, he went into his office, got on his knees and started crying.  He was praying to God that He would heal Jett. 

I called Missy (BFF) to meet me at the hospital. I knew that I could not do this without her there.  Joe is my rock...but she is my other rock. 

Next thing I know, Joe is at the office.  I still have no idea how he made a 20 min drive in 5.  It might have been 20 min...I have no idea.  Like I said, I was not all there.

Before we left to head to the hospital, Joe said to me,

"Jen...this is where our faith meets the road. No matter what happens, no matter what the doctor's say, we have to stand upon God's word".

We prayed the entire drive to the hospital.  I have NEVER prayed/cried/pleaded so hard in my life.  I was crying outloud,

"God please....please save my baby.  Please do not let him die, please God please"!!!!

When getting to the ER, everything went so fast.  We were in the ER for 6 hours, but it felt like only 2.  Missy showed up right away.  I am so glad she was there to...just be there.  When they had to give him the spinal tap, I was about to loose it.  Joe stayed outside the room so that he could be there if they needed him.

I stepped out of the room.  I could hear him screaming.

I went down the hall.  I could hear him screaming.

I went down a different hallway.  I could hear him screaming.

I felt that no matter where I went, I heard him screaming.

Missy was there...talking to me...trying to get my mind off the screaming.

After the spinal tap was done, they had to give Jett an IV.  Then the screaming began again.  Joe stayed with Jett, holding his hand, comforting him while they poked him 6 times...finally putting the IV in his head.  Missy & I went to the remote hallway where his screams where drowned out.  I wish I was strong enough to have been there holding his hands....but I wasn't.

Over the next few hours, we found out that Jett did have meningitis.  We learned that since Jett had been on an antibiotic for the pertusis & ear infection, they were messing with his white blood cell count & they would not be able to get a true count to tell us if he had viral or bacterial meningitis.  We heard different doctors telling us they thought he had viral, others saying he had bacterial.  Either way, they were going to treat him as if he had bacterial.

The night we were admitted & in our "permanent" room, I tossed & turned all night.  Thankfully Jett was not screaming anymore in pain.  They say that when they do a spinal tap, it relieves the pressure. I should have explained this earlier.  Meningitis is an infection in the spinal fluid & the lining of the brain.  You can get it by either a virus or bacterium.  Other than Jett's extreme pain, his soft spot was bulging.  So, his brain was filling up with spinal fluid.  This is what was causing the pain for him.

OK, so back to that first night.  Joe & I had some worship music playing (in fact, worship music was playing our entire 10 days at the hospital, day & night).  Joe, Jett & I were all cramped up on the lil bed/couch thing they had in his room.  I held Jett all night.  I would wake up thinking that this was just a bad dream.  Then I would remember that it was all true.  I would be in prayer, then I would fall asleep.  One of the times I woke up I felt that God spoke to me clearly.  I felt that He told me that Jett was healed & he would not have any effects from the meningitis. 

So I stood upon those words.

No matter what anyone said.  Jett was healed!

It has been over a week since we have been home.  Jett is healed!  He had no side effects from the meningitis.  He is back to his normal smiley self.

I try to forget the moments that I have just typed.  Right now they are all too fresh maybe.  Thinking about them makes me weep just thinking about how afraid we were that Jett may die.  That I would never see his beautiful smiling face again.

The doctors & nurses were/are great, but I know what I know.  God healed my son.

Wedding Necklaces & Video!

I finished my latest wedding order...6 necklaces, 1 bracelet & 3 pairs of earrings!  All of them were in the same fabric, but all uniquely different!  You can see them HERE, or just watch the video "commercial" I made for them....

I {LOVE} these colors!!!  Sooo pretty!!

Mason Jar Pin Cushion

Look at what I whipped up this morning!  A sweet lil mason jar pin cushion!  I {heart} mason jars!  I have a ton of them that my mom had stored in my garage & that I "stole" for my crafty purposes!  It is not a crime if it is used for cute crafts...right?!?!

 I was inspired by this pinterest...

The original blog post (just follow the link above to find it) said that she followed a tute in a Martha Stewert Book.  Well, I wasn't gonna buy the book just for that tute, so I google it and found a great tute already in blogland...

Lindsay from  The Cottage Home did a great tutorial on how to make a mason jar pin cushion!  Check it out!

Weekend Warrior

I was a weekend warrior when it came to making some new teething necklaces for the {SHOP}!  I made 14 new necklaces!

And exhausted I am!  For those of you who do not know, adding stuff to your shop is not so easy!  Here are the steps I go through to add just 1 necklace:

1.pick out fabric
2.cut fabric fabric
4.turn fabric right side out
5.bead & knot (repeat)
6.cut ribbon ribbon
8.burn ribbon
9.finish off edges photoshoot
11. edit photos
12.list item on etsy
13.facebook about it.
14. blog about it.

....and I just did that 14 times!

exhausted I am!

Here are a few of the necklaces that I just added...

At least I am done for a while...except for my custom orders that I have in the making!

Playroom Ideas

I have recently decided to bunk all my boys into one bedroom.

Crazy, I know!

All 3 of them have been in the same room for about two weeks now (baby boy is out of room!!! Yea!!) and so far it is working out really well! 

I was tired of having to deal with toys in their bedroom...and playroom (aka, "baby's room that he never used").  So now only one room is allowed to have toys in it...the playroom!

I really want the playroom to not only be a room where they can play, but also an educational room as well.  I have been looking around (mainly at Pottery Barn for Kids) at some of their "study rooms".  I loooooove these rooms:

Those over sized pencils are adorable!!!  Anyone know of a tutorial on how to make one? PBK is sooooo pricy!!

Rosette Ring Winner!

The winner of this ring....

is comment #4...Lisa!

Lisa, please email me your address at  You have 7 days to respond or the ring will be forfeited.  Congratulations!

Last Day for Giveaway!!

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Weddings are in the air!

As of late, I have been keeping busy with my etsy shop.  I am currently working with a few brides to create some jewelry for their weddings.

With my etsy shop, homeschooling & just being a mom to my 3 boys (and a wife too! lol)...being able to create things for my blog have been few & far between!  Sorry about that, but I am sure you understand!  I blog when I can!

Anyway, back to my wedding orders!  Here is an order for 5 ivory rosette necklaces. I am *almost* done with them...just gotta add the felt to the backs of them!

Sorry it is a bad pic, I took it with my cell phone :)

I am also working with a bride who is having me create 6 necklaces, in 6 different styles!  It should be fun!  I will send you pics of those when they are all done!

Homeschooling: Year 4

This will be my fourth year homeschooling Jaden.  He just entered the third grade. can I have a third grader?  I *swear* I was just changing his diaper.


This year we are trying something different, as far as curriculum.  Normally, I piece together his curriculum & come up with his daily lesson plans.

But with my two lil ones who have been demanding my attention more, it is a LOT harder to have to come up with these lessons!  I needed HELP!

Jaden is a visual learner.  He is tech-savvy like his parents.  I really wanted to find an online curriculum that would be fun, great, educational and inexpensive.  I am a SAHM (obviously) and can't afford a super expensive curriculum.  I want the BEST for Jaden...but refuse to go broke & in debt for it!  Anyway, I looked at a few different options, but really didn't find what I was looking for.

Then Super Daddy swooped in & saved the day.  I don't know how he found it so quickly, he spent like 5 min searching, where I had spend hours upon hours searching.  Joe found our new online cirruculum....

Time4Learning!  Why did we choose T4L?
  • With Jaden having special needs (high functioning autism), he doesn't learn on a traditional schedule. Like I said before, he is very visual, as with most boys/kids.  He learns best by games & videos.  Every lesson is interactive!
  • I don't have to come up with lesson plans!!  Hallelujah!!  Every day, Jaden logs onto T4L and it tells him what his assignment is that day!  
  • He still has worksheets that he has to do, he prints them out himself (they prompt him), completes them & then adds them to his school binder.
  • It is only $20 a months!  And if you have multiple kids, then it is an additional $15/per child!
  • T4L keeps tab of all the records for you!  You have access to attendance, the progress of each assignment & grades!  They grade all the quizzes for you, people!!  How cool is that!!!
  • They have a great parent forum.  I have never posted in that forum yet, but if I have a question, I search for it in the forum and always find my answer!
  • Jaden is in the 3rd grade, but has access to the grade below & ahead of him.  This is great for kids who need to go back to catch up on concepts they are having trouble with or for kids who are excelling in schooling!
  • Jaden is having fun!  He loves "Ed Mouse" and all the characters on T4L!  And as a mom...I LOVE it that he is loving school!  School shouldn't be boring or a chore!
If you are homeschooling or thinking about it, I totally recommend checking out Time4Learning!!

Time4Learning is an online education program that can be used as a homeschooling curriculum, an afterschool tutorial or for summer learning. As a member, I've been given the opportunity to share my experiences. The content in this review was not written by Time4Learning. While I was compensated, the opinion is entirely my own.