Avocado, Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Salad

I saw this salad on Pinterest the other day & pinned it (it is under my 'Simply Yummy' board). While at the grocery store I saw that they had their avocados on sale for $1! So I jumped on my phone and looked up the rest of the recipe!

Basically all you need is avocado, tomato, fresh mozzarella (such a fun word to say!! Say it out loud three times... doesn't it make your heart giggle?!?), Olive oil & Basil. I didn't have any basil so I used my Mrs.Dash Italian seasoning. I also added some fresh pepper and sea salt. I mixed it altogether and it turned out so yummy!!! I only had about a tablespoon of olive oil left in my jar but that was the perfect amount. I can't be for sure that it was actually 1 tablespoon I just guesstimated and drizzle it over the salad!

Be sure to actually use a fresh mozzarella not a block kind. I found the fresh mozzarella near the deli section at my grocery store. I almost went with the block mozzarella to save some money but ended up going with fresh mozzarella. I am so glad that I did, it really made the salad!!

This salad will be a summertime staple in my house for sure!


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