The Playroom

A few months ago, we converted the "nursery" into a full fledged playroom.  All three boys are bunking in one room...{a NO toy zone}...and we turned this room into their designated play area!

It is no Pottery Barn playroom...but it is ours :)  Here is our play room...

{We almost gave away that table set away when we got our new table & chairs.  We had to put this set upstairs in the playroom because there was no place else.  Once I got it upstairs, I kinda liked it!  So we kept it!  Now it is a place where my kids can do their school work, color, do crafts, ect!  That leads to the office/sewing room}

{This wall is our designated toy bin wall & art wall.  I use to have designated bins for certain I don't care!  As long as the toys are not on the floor...I am happy!  The bins never stayed organized this was a battle I chose not to pursue!  I took some cowboy rope/twine that I got from Hobby Lobby and attached it to the wall.  The boy's artwork is now hung by clothes pins.  They get so happy when a piece gets added to the wall!}

{In this area of the room, I keep all of their train tracks in that white toy box. We also put a tiny lil TV & DVD player in their room, full of kid movies.  I don't know if you can tell, but the play room has a subtle cowboy theme.  I didn't want it to be overly there are various themed items in the room (stars, horses, cowboy rope,ect.).  I love the vertical stripes in the room!  Oh, and I couldn't help but highlight the 3year old's favorite toy!}

{Inside the closet, I put the old diaper changing table (which I NEVER used).  It now serves as a toy shelf!  I thought that was a genius idea!}

{The Reading favorite part of the room....and house!  You can never have too many books!!}

{In this lil corner of the room is our *music station*...some of the instruments are missing due to the fact the lil boys were having a jam session with some of them in the other room...had to keep 'em busy while I photographed the room}

{ a RARE scene....I promise you that if you came to my home, you would not see this same room!  It will resemble a tornado scene! is what they do!}


nicole said...

i love the vertical stripes!!! what a fun room to be in! and i love how you used the clothes pin to display their art work! :)

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