Hello! {waving}

Where in the world have I been????

Geesh...bad blooger, huh!?!?

I needed to take a break from blogland...it has been hard blogging, keeping up with the shop, the shop's FB page, homeschooling & just being a wife and mom.  Something had to give...and I needed to take a break from bloggin'!

Nothing too exciting has happened since last time I blogged...but I do want to share some photos from our family photo shoot that we did y'day!!

We found an {AMAZING} photographer...{Eternal Treasures Photography}...in the Nashville area.  I seriously thought our photo shoot was a disaster...the boys were screaming, knocking over props, we could hardly get them to smile of cooperate...I told my husband all that was left was for the vintage quilt to burst into flames!!! LOL!!!  But our photographer was able to capture the sweet moments...the ones where I wasn't threatening my kid's lives if they didn't start behaving or smiling! Hahaha!

These are just a sample of the ones she took...we will get the rest back in a few weeks!  I can NOT wait to see them!!!!


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