Scrap Fabric Projects

I am a scrap fabric hoarder.  It is true.  I have bags full of them.  I just can't bare to toss any scraps.  Even the tiniest of pieces!

I know, I have issues!

BUT my hoarding ways did pay off a lil this week when I made two projects using my scrap fabric!  My first project was fancying up my flip flops:

I happened to have two 1" selvage to selvage (is that what it is called?) scrap fabrics left over from our {SHOP}'s necklaces.  I basically tied a knot at the beginning of on strap side & wrapped the fabric around the straps until I got the end of the other side of the strap. Then I tied a tight knot.  Then  I made a fabric rosette & glued it in the middle with FabricTac!  So easy!  And I think so cute!

This next pic (excuse the pic quality...took this at night with my phone!) is of a braided fabric necklace!  I used {THIS} tutorial.  I used a bunch of different left over Amy Butler Fabrics from her "Lark" line.  We use a lot of Amy Butler fabrics in our {SHOP} & had a bunch of left overs in just the right size!  I think this ended up turning out real cute!

What do you do with all of your left over fabric scraps?

I am linking these projects here:


Kristin said...

So cute! I love those flip flops and the fabric you chose. I have some gray flip flops like that I got from Old Navy that I haven't worn yet because they're so plain. Thanks for sharing =)

Visiting from Flamingo Toes

Jenni Renee said...

Aww! Both of these are really cute! I have 2 bins full of scrap fabric that I have been thinking of things to use with. But first I have some major projects to finish.

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