Barbados: Friday

June 29, 2012

Almost 15 years ago Joe & I got married.  We were so young.  We looked like kids in wedding clothes. Heck, we were kids! LOL!  But if I had to do it all over again, I would STILL have gotten married to my 20 year old husband as I walked my 19 year old self down the church aisle!  We could not afford to go on a honeymoon.  We took a rain check, saying that one day that we would go to Barbados...never really thinking that we would...

Another thing that we wanted to do was to renew our vows to each other.  For some reason when I think about people renew their vows it is because they were having marriage problems & want to start a-new.  That is not the reason why we decided to renew our vows...we just wanted to express to eachother how much we are still totally in love with one another. {gushy...I know}

We got up super early to renew our vows.  I get embarrassed easy.  I didn't want anyone to see us doing it.  I almost chickened out & didn't do it....but as you can tell by the pictures below, we went ahead with it...

Then here are a few pics of Ernie & Missy goofin' around!! LOL!!

Later on that day we all decided to walk down the shore to a coral reef area where you are suppose to be able to see a bunch of fish.  We borrowed the snorkel equipment from the resort & walked down the reef.  As soon as we got our feet into the water & could barely stand up as the waves were throwing around, we should have gotten right out!  It was the worst experience!  The waves were pushing us around, we were tripping in our flippers, water was coming into our masks & we were close to being rammed into the the shallow reef.  Now when I say WE...I mean Joe & I. As soon as E & M hit the water they turn into Fish Boy & Fish Girl! LOL!  Joe & I couldn't see anything & were misrable.  The water was just too choppy to do any

After our renewal & breakfast, we went back to our rooms & chilled for a little bit.  We wanted to skype/facetime our kids before we took off snorkeling.  Being able to video chat with the kids twice a day was a life saver!  We had internet access throughout the resort...even on the beach!!  It made it so much more bearable to be away from them!

I felt like a peeping Tom taking that last pic of Ernie & Missy skyping with the kids, but I just couldn't help myself...this was too sweet of a moment not to take it!!!

Later on that day we all decided to walk down the shore to a coral reef area where you are suppose to be able to see a bunch of fish.  We borrowed the snorkel equipment from the resort & walked down the reef.  As soon as we got our feet into the water & could barely stand up as the waves were throwing us around, we should have gotten right out then!  It was the worst experience!  The waves were pushing us around, we were tripping in our flippers, water was coming into our masks & we were close to being rammed into the the shallow reef.  Now when I say WE...I mean Joe & I. As soon as E & M hit the water they turn into Fish Boy & Fish Girl! LOL!  Joe & I couldn't see anything & was miserable.  In our opinion, the water was just too choppy to do any sort if snorkeling, so we headed back to shore. As we were falling over in the water, trying to get our flippers off our feet, we heard Ernie yelling to us from the ocean.  I just assumed that he was asking what was wrong.  I couldn't hear what he was saying & knew that yelling out our explanation of why we were calling it a day would not be heard by him either, I decided to give him a thumbs down with my hand.  Next thing we know, Ernie swam to shore, asking where Missy was.  You see, when Ernie was yelling at us, he was asking where Missy was at.  When I gave him the "thumbs down", he was like, "OMG, something happened to Missy, she has gone down"!!! LOL!!  So where was Missy?  She had become one with the fishies, snorkeling far off into the sea, not even aware of how far she was!  After it was all said & done, this "thumbs down" thing became a joke the whole rest of the trip!

We decided to keep to snorkeling close to our hotel shore, where the water was calm, for the rest of our trip!  We left the underwater camera with Missy, who got some cool footage of some undersea creatures:

After our near death experience of our almost death by coral reef, Joe & I headed back to our hotel to shower up & get ready for our next adventure.  But before I get to that, let me just note that as we walked back to our hotel, we passed a bunch of Bajan kids & teens playing at the beach.  It was their first day of summer break, so they were hitting the beach hard!  Each group of teens we passed, almost every single one of them stopped what they were doing & said hello to us!  USA teens could care less about saying hello to passerbys!  There was even this part where we had to climb up this rock to get to our path & this really nice teenage boy saw us & ran over to help me climb up the rock!  He jumped up there first & took my hand to help me up!  OK...seriously, how great are these Bajan kids!!!

One of the things that Joe & I have always wanted to do was to go horseback riding on the beach in Barbados.  When we got here, we talked with the front desk person about booking a ride on the beach.  The first thing that she asked me, "What style do your ride? English or Spanish?"  I replied, "Um...cowgirl? Western?"! LOL!!  I had never even knew of a spanish riding style before.  So she called a guy that they like to recommend, Steve's Stables.  We were booked! Yea!!

Steve came & picked us up in his car and drove us to his stable.  Steve got our horses ready for us to mount.  I don't remember the name of Joe's horse, but my horse's name was named Sideliner.  He is a race horse!  When we got on the horse, Steve gave us a quick lesson on riding English.  Very different from our Western style that we are use to.  First off, the saddle is different.  There is no knob at the top of the saddle to hold onto.  The saddle is less bulky, too.  The second difference is how you hold the reigns.  We had to hold it with three fingers, from our ring finger to pointer finger.  Then the reigns would rest on top of our pinkies & thumbs.  With our right hand, we hand to hold a whip/stick in between our pinky finger & the reign.  To get our horses to go, we would have to hit the horse on the neck.  Personally, I had a problem with this.  I know that the horse is use to this & it really doesn't hurt them...especially the way I hit them (I tried it out on my own leg & I barely felt it...that might be the reason why my horse went so slow!), but I just felt bad for hitting it.  As we started off, I immediately noticed how well trained & responsive our horses were.  I would barely pull the reign to the left & the horse would go left!  I have ridden horses here in the USA & they were never this well trained!  It was amazing!

Before I go on about our ride, I want to tell you a lil bit about my horse Sideliner.  First off, the most noticeable thing about him was that he shakes his head up & down....constantly!  At first I thought he was playing around, but he just kept doing it.  I finally asked Steve about it.  He told me the backstory on Sideliner.  He is a thoroughbred horse.  To be a race horse in Barbados, you have to be.  He comes from some famous racehorses.  When he was born, he was sold for $100k (omg!!!) to someone who kept him inside a stable most of his horsey life.  Steve didn't tell me this part, but I am guessing that maybe the owner bought him as a status symbol...they weren't really into horses & their care.  So because Sideliner was stuck in his stable, not able to roam in a field or ridden, he developed a neurological tick.  He began bobbing his head up & down.  He will do this for the rest of his life.  It made me instantly fall in love with him, as I know how it is to love special need kids.  He kinda reminded me of an autistic child.

So back to our ride, we started off at his stable, which was in the woods.  I was guessing that he had a path that lead to the beach where we would romantically ride our horses.  Steve was first, Joe was second & me and Sideliner took up the rear.  As we started off, I noticed that Steve was leading us away from the woods....then next thing I knew he was having us cross the street with our horses!!  From the looks of it, there was no more woods...he was planning on having us ride in the street...with all those crazy drivers!!! OMG!!!  I instantly broke out into sweat!  This is NOT what I signed up for!  I started praying under my breath, "Oh God...please don't let me die in the streets of Barbados here on this horse"!!!  I squealed every time a car or bus would pass us!  I asked him, "Is this safe"?  He was like, "Oh yeah, here in Barbados, drivers are very respectful of horses on the street.  Horses have the rightaway on the street.  They MUST stop and let us pass & cross.  If a driver hits & kills a horse, they get an automatic 7 years in prison"!  Steve had way more faith than I did in Bajan drivers!

As I got use to riding on the street with those cars passing us by, I began to enjoy the ride.  When we had ever gone outside of the resort in a taxi-van, the drivers would drive fast.  By riding on the horses, we could really take in Barbados.  Steve must be a popular guy because as we rode people kept saying hello to him.  As we toured St.James/Holetown area, Steve would point out the homes of some famous people.  The owner of Ferrari, Oprah's former home, Simon Cowell's condo building that he owns (He sells them for 15million per unit!! OMG, right?!?! You can drive your car right into the building & an elevator takes your car up to your unit!  Oh...and if you prefer helicopter as your form of transportation, there is a helicopter pad on top of the building.  For $15mil, there better be!).

I know the photos are not that great.  I was sneaking to take them without Steve knowing.  I was scared he would yell at me for not paying attention while riding! LOL! Here are a few more of my sneaky-snake photos...and a video!


We also rode through the entrance of the Sandy Lane Golf  (click on that link...look how GORG it is!!) course that Tiger Woods got married at.  It is CRAZY expensive to golf there!

We finally made it to the beach part of our ride, which was around sunset!  A perfect time to ride on the beach!  Just before sunset, Steve got off his horse to take a picture of Joe & I...

Here is a super short video accidentally taken.  Steve thought he was taking a picture, but I accidentaly had the camera on video mode.  The reason why I am showing you this tiny clip is because I want you to hear Steve's accent...and I wanted you to see Sideliner's head bob:

Meanwhile, as we were taking these pictures, Missy was waiting for us to arrive at our resort's beach (where we thought the ride would be over, but it ended up going on for another hour!!!).  She took a video of the sunset & then took a video of us riding up to our beach!

Like I had said before, we thought that our ride was only going to be an hour long & that we would end by being dropped off at our resort's beach....but as we got to the beach, Steve turned around and kept on riding!  As we rode back to his stable, one noteable thing happened, a bus driver was coming up from behind us and reved his engine, making Joe's horse going to two feet & nearly bucking him off!  Steve started yelling, which we both had thought that he was yelling at Joe (Steve is really nice, but he doesn't seem to have much patients), but he was actually yelling at the driver.  He got the driver's bus number and vowed to report him for scaring the horses!

Overall the ride was absolutely awesome!  The only thing that was a lil disappointing was at how slow Sideliner was.  Because he is a racehorse, he only responds to the whip.  And because I hit him so gently, he didn't really move.  Steve kept yelling back at me to hit him!  I in turn kept having stern conversations with Sideliner to start moving because I didn't want Steve to yell at me! LOL!

After we got back to the stable & then back to our resort, Joe & I barely had enough time to get dressed for dinner...which was BBQ night....casual night!  That night Missy & I wore our "sexy-mama-shorts"! LOL!

To read more about our daily adventures in Barbados, click {HERE}!


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