Chocolate Covered Cream Cheese Filled Strawberries


This was just tooooo good NOT to share!  I had an idea of a desert...actually two of I scoured Pinterest for some ideas.  I combined chocolate covered strawberries & cream-cheese filled strawberries into one!

Super easy...super yummy!!

 Step 1: Enlist a lil helper to wash those strawberries!

Step 2: Cut the tops & bottoms off the strawberries

 Step 3: Scoop out the middle of the strawberries with either a small melon scooper, or just use a metal baby spool like I did!

Step 4: Dip your strawberries in melted semi-sweet chocolate chips.  I added a baby spoon size amount of Crisco to keep the melted chocolate smooth!

Step 5: Make your cream cheese filling!  Use your hand mixer to blend 8oz of softened cream cheese, 1/4c powdered & 1/2tsp of vanilla extract.

Step 6: Put your filling into a frosting piping bag...or just do it the "Jenna" way...put it in a ziplock baggie & snip the corner.  Pipe the filling into the hollowed out strawberry middle, in a swirl pattern!

Step 7: Squirt any remaining filling into your mouth or that of a kiddie volunteer!

Step 8: Chill those strawberries in the fridge for at least an hour (or until the chocolate has hardened)!

Step 9: Enjoy!!!


Anabella said...

I love your strawberry idea! Yum yum!

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