Avocado, Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Salad

I saw this salad on Pinterest the other day & pinned it (it is under my 'Simply Yummy' board). While at the grocery store I saw that they had their avocados on sale for $1! So I jumped on my phone and looked up the rest of the recipe!

Basically all you need is avocado, tomato, fresh mozzarella (such a fun word to say!! Say it out loud three times... doesn't it make your heart giggle?!?), Olive oil & Basil. I didn't have any basil so I used my Mrs.Dash Italian seasoning. I also added some fresh pepper and sea salt. I mixed it altogether and it turned out so yummy!!! I only had about a tablespoon of olive oil left in my jar but that was the perfect amount. I can't be for sure that it was actually 1 tablespoon I just guesstimated and drizzle it over the salad!

Be sure to actually use a fresh mozzarella not a block kind. I found the fresh mozzarella near the deli section at my grocery store. I almost went with the block mozzarella to save some money but ended up going with fresh mozzarella. I am so glad that I did, it really made the salad!!

This salad will be a summertime staple in my house for sure!

Best Seat in the House

This is my favorite chair to sit in....comfy & cozy....good view of the family room, dining & kitchen. Plus I love my pillow :)

Perfect reading chair!

Tell me about your favorite chair!

The Playroom

A few months ago, we converted the "nursery" into a full fledged playroom.  All three boys are bunking in one room...{a NO toy zone}...and we turned this room into their designated play area!

It is no Pottery Barn playroom...but it is ours :)  Here is our play room...

{We almost gave away that table set away when we got our new table & chairs.  We had to put this set upstairs in the playroom because there was no place else.  Once I got it upstairs, I kinda liked it!  So we kept it!  Now it is a place where my kids can do their school work, color, do crafts, ect!  That door...it leads to the office/sewing room}

{This wall is our designated toy bin wall & art wall.  I use to have designated bins for certain toys...now I don't care!  As long as the toys are not on the floor...I am happy!  The bins never stayed organized anyway...so this was a battle I chose not to pursue!  I took some cowboy rope/twine that I got from Hobby Lobby and attached it to the wall.  The boy's artwork is now hung by clothes pins.  They get so happy when a piece gets added to the wall!}

{In this area of the room, I keep all of their train tracks in that white toy box. We also put a tiny lil TV & DVD player in their room, full of kid movies.  I don't know if you can tell, but the play room has a subtle cowboy theme.  I didn't want it to be overly cowboy...so there are various themed items in the room (stars, horses, cowboy rope,ect.).  I love the vertical stripes in the room!  Oh, and I couldn't help but highlight the firetruck...my 3year old's favorite toy!}

{Inside the closet, I put the old diaper changing table (which I NEVER used).  It now serves as a toy shelf!  I thought that was a genius idea!}

{The Reading Nook...my favorite part of the room....and house!  You can never have too many books!!}

{In this lil corner of the room is our *music station*...some of the instruments are missing due to the fact the lil boys were having a jam session with some of them in the other room...had to keep 'em busy while I photographed the room}

{THIS...is a RARE scene....I promise you that if you came to my home, you would not see this same room!  It will resemble a tornado scene!  Kids...it is what they do!}

Hey Girl...

I have been obsessed with all the "Hey Girl" pics going around on Pinterest!  If you follow me, you will see that I repin a lot of them. LOTS of them.

They are so funny.  But I feel a smidge weird posting so many pics of Ryan Gosling.  Especially since my hubs is way hotter! ;)

What am I talking about?  Head over to Handmade Ryan Gosling to read all the "Hey Girl's"...you will totally LOL!!

So...I decided to make my own, "Hey Girl" pics...with my resident hottie!

{my hubs is gonna kill me...hehehehe}

What can I say...my husband rocks!!!

My Weekly Round Up

This week has been a busy one for me!  First off my littlest man & I have been sick with a cold!  Well, I just have a constant sore throat  & lil man has what is probably RSV again.  We had to do the whole breathing treatment & steroid thing...not fun!

{isn't this the cutest lil nebulizer ever?}

Last week (I forgot to show y'all) I made some more business card holders.  I was all gung-ho on making them...thinking that I would make a ton of them & sell them in the shop...but I got bored with making them...real quick!  After the 3rd one, I didn't enjoy making them...so I am moving onto something else (remember, I suffer from crafters ADD)!  Here are the other one that I made:

I moved onto my newest kick: Jersey Knit necklaces!!!  They are so much fun to make...and easy too!  I want to sell some in the shop...I have sold a few thru {facebook} 

...I haven't put any in the shop yet tho.  The one's I made for myself (the first two), I used some old t-shirts...but the one's  I sold were new fabrics.  I only want to sell ones made with new fabric...but surprisingly, jersey knit fabrics are hard to come by.  Granted, I only went to one store...but I thought for SURE that they would sell them at JoAnn's! 

Let's see...what else have I been up to?  Oh, I have made a few more headbands!!
{this last one is currently available for purchase in our SHOP}

So...other than that...I have just been kickin' it with my boys at home!  What have you been up to?

January Art Gallery 2012 Project Challenge

This year, I am going to *try* to participate in the 2012 Project Challenge put on by Art Gallery Fabrics!  The reason being is that sometimes I don't make things for myself or *just for fun*...I spend most of my sewing for my {SHOP}.  This Challenge is a way to *force* me to have fun, try new thing, learn new techniques & to get some creative juices flowing!  Plus, there are some pretty neat prizes involved ;)

January's Project Challenge is to make a Heat Therapy Pillow!

Hey!  I know how to do those!!!  Check {HERE} & {HERE} & {HERE} & {HERE}

But this challenge was a bit more...challenging!  I had to do at least one raw edge applique!  Shoot!  I don't know how to do any appliques!!  I free hand drew a flower (now it retrospect, I fear it looks like a poinsettia, lol) & did my best at sewing around the edges.  I am so not good at sew-flowing!

sew-flowing (verb): 1. To sew with your machine in a flow like state.
                              2. Moving the machine needle around the fabric to follow the edges of an applique.
                              2. An action word made up by Jennifer

Ok, back to the project.  I had this grandiose idea to add ruffles onto the the heat pack.  I want to win this challenge.  I need to stand out!  And I think I would...but in a not so good way!!

The ruffles made it look rediculous!!  It was suppose to look chic & cute...it ended up looking like an old woman heat pack...I didn't even bother to finish the bottom ruffles...ripped them off...back to the drawing board!

So I decided to add some squares to either side of my poinsettia look-a-like flower.  I can do squares.  I did this once on a pillow (for the life of me, I can't find that old blog post to show you!).  I used part of the tutorial by Rachel Griffith from psiquilt.  I sorta copied off her {SCRUFFILY} tute for the squares.

Well...here is the final project...

I used fabric from Art Gallery (a must for the challenge, a must in any project...they are my FAV!), using 3 fabrics in there Bohemian Soul line.

For the main fabric, I used Mystic Light,
The yellow fabric,  Gold Lace
The pinky-red fabric, Cherry Lace

I challenge you to join me in the {CHALLENGE}

***Headband Giveaway***

My shop is giving away this headband away at our shop's blog!  Click {HERE} to follow & enter to win it!! 

Entries make me happy!!!!!

*Modeling* Belts

Betcha didn't know that myself & BFF were *un*professional models, did ya?  LOL!!  We decided to do our own *photo shoot* yesterday.  We looked at the forecast & picked the best day....it ended up being way colder than what they had perdicted!  49 degrees!!  I know that it is not all that cold...but when you are outside with no coats on for almost an hour...your fingers start to go numb!  What we do for our shop!! LOL!

We launched our take on the rosette sash belt!  What do you think?  We have them up in the shop now!  Go take a look at them!  Click {HERE} to see them!