Who is Jenna? is me!  My name is not "actually" Jenna.  I go by Jennifer.  But in internet land I go by Jenna.  Why?  Because a long time ago when I was trying to come up with my first email address my actual name was taken.  And so were all the good ones that I wanted.  So I decided to go with "Jenna" as my first name.  My Mom & Aunt would call me Jenna when I was little.  Sort of a nic-name.  No one in "Real Life" calls me Jenna.  My niece & nephew call me "Nenna" 'cause that was easier to say...and it just stuck!  Same with "Jenna" here online!

I am my best friend, I might add!   Married my high school sweetheart in 1997!  We have 3 beautiful boys & 1 baby in heaven.  We have a fur-baby, named Buzzie, aka. Buzz.  Or as my middle son calls him "Uzzie"!

We live in Nashville, but are Buckeyes by heart :)

I love to create.  It is kinda like therapy for me!  Some people lay on a couch...I glue down an embellishment!  My newest crafting sensation has been sewing.  Never thought of myself as the sewing type, but here I am owning a sewing machine & loving it!

Photography is a passion for me.  I REALLY want to do it professionally, but now is not the time.  I have a few more ducks to get in order before I am ready.  Maybe in a few years.

Above all, I love God. I am a born again, spirit filled Christian.  God is my best friend.  I am so blessed that he calls me His daughter.  He is an AWESOME Father.  Love him soooooo much!!!

Well, that is "Jenna" in a nutshell....and nutty I am!!